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Friday, December 1, 2023

Americans want Boehner, Republicans out of control of the House

John Boehner: The unpredictable wild card. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
John Boehner: Time to hit the road?  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

According to an increasing number of polls, Americans — while fed up with Congress — are so mad at Republicans over the government shutdown and debt crisis debacle that they want the GOP out of control of the House of Representatives and Speaker John Boehner out of the Speaker’s chair.

That increasing view of the Republican party is bolstered by a new CNN/ORC poll where 54 percent of Americans say the party of the elephant is bad for the House of Representatives and a disaster for the country.

While anger and distaste for Republicans has been growing, this is the first time a clear majority of Americans have said they are bad for the House and deserve to lose their majority in next year’s next term elections.

Democratic campaign officials say recruiting potential candidates for House seats is suddenly easier than ever and strategists say the job of throwing out Republicans and replacing them with Democrats will be even easier if the right-wing that currently controls the party mounts a number of primary challenges that dumps Republicans and leaves the party with a group of candidates that appeals to a conservative base but not to the electorate at large.

The CNN/ORG poll also shows 63 percent of those surveyed saying Boehner should go as Speaker.

“At the moment, things don’t look too rosy for Republicans,” says a long-time political aide.  “With more than a year to go before the mid-terms, things could change a lot but more and more polls show deep seeded anger towards the GOP and indications now suggest that attitude won’t change anytime soon.”

Republican strategists admit privately that the potential for even more damage exists if their members in the House and Senate handle the next crisis period in January and February of next year badly and, based on past experiences and current statements by conservatives, the potential exists for another bad period.

“As long as people like Ted Cruz are allowed to speak for the Republicans, the potential exists for matters to get far worse,” says a worried GOP house aide.  “The shutdown and debt situation was not our final hour but the worst may be yet to come.”

In the CNN poll, only 12 percent approve of Congress overall — far below President Barack Obama’s 44 percent approval rating.  Obama’s disapproval rating of 52 percent, however, is not that far below the score for the GOP.


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  1. Lets us not become over confident, and hope people will remember the last 10 years of Republican activities in Congress and the White House

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