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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Some in GOP fed up with Cantor’s antics

Eric Cantor

Republican insiders — fed up with the scorched-earth tactics of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor — privately fear the fiery Virginia right-winger could destroy the party’s majority in the House of Representatives with his constant undermining of Speaker John Boehner’s attempts to reach a debt deal with President Barack Obama.

But while Republicans fret, Obama uses Cantor’s intransigence to drive a deeper wedge between the Majority Leader and the Speaker.

According to the web site Politico, Obama is exploiting tensions between Cantor and Boehner.  Meanwhile, GOP sources close to the Speaker tell Capitol Hill Blue that party leaders have “had it” with Cantor’s constant efforts to undermine Boehner’s position as Speaker.

“Whether Eric Cantor likes it or not, John Boehner is the leader of our party in the House of Representatives,” one frustrated GOP consultant said Tuesday.  “If Cantor continues his infantile actions, there won’t be a Republican majority in the House after 2012.”

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19 thoughts on “Some in GOP fed up with Cantor’s antics”

  1. Over the years of my growing up, my choice of society involvement made me a hermit. I went from book to book instead of the list of movies being released over the years. I learned to cope with the poorly balanced world of wealth and spent many hours looking for the middle of the road that seemed to be the best place to land when misplaced by the actions of others.

    I rejected all phases of religion. My greatest loss was the knowledge that King Arthur did not rule the British Empire. Damnit! what else was a lie??? I remember the Movietone News films of the discovery of Jewish bones being removed from their burial pits after WW2. I had the opportunity of meeting some of the camera men who brought those movies back from Poland. I vomited again and again and had to leave the movie theater in Santa Monica. I went through this again on September 11th watching the horrors of the Twin Towers. I have many DVDs and books from that terrible morning. The question that still rings in my ears is “why again?”

    Will I wake up to another news bulletin that thousands of innocent Americans were killed due to some sorry-ass leader in D.C. ignoring any warning signs? If I sound as if I am pissed off most of the time, I am!

    I want to work with others to keep the brains operating in the White House. I don’t give a damn what color the POTUS or his pals might be as long as they are aware of the mess they are in. I will never buy into any excuse that God talked to anyone in the White House. I have no idea what the hell Marcus Backmann is selling to his wife’s campaign group. If the poor man is fighting homosexual problems, I don’t want to have to watch. Give the poor bastard a sewing machine and some lovely pink silk fabric and let his loose.

    Carl, we don’t have to agree on any subject here at CHB. But what I would demand is that we be honest in our debate. My respecting wealth is not a moral problem. I’m certain that we could take much of the American wealth back to its inception and it might be a result of broken laws. This does not mean that all wealth is obtained by criminals.

    Americans are capable of making great wealth. They are capable of creating great numbers of good-paying jobs.

    Tomorrow is J.J.s birthday and she will be arriving here to celebrate it a few days later. I will expect company tomorrow and my floors must shine in cleanliness!

    I will bake a lemon cake using the lovely citrus fruit picked in the morning. My lemons are lovely! Depending on who shows up, I will bake a rump roast slowly and covered with Gilroy Garlic. I have a box of goodies from John Frieda beauty products put together just for her coloring She is young enough to stay a step ahead of the age of gravity. Gravity won the fight in my case. I love doing for my girls. .

  2. It is very difficult to point to any one party or any one human to take the responsibility for the mess we are facing. Trying to warn people has failed to get any clout active. There have been plenty of warning signs issued over many levels of our failure to control corruption. Neither party has bothered to point out the corruption that has taken over our government at every level. I warned of the “faith card” waiting in the wings to be pulled out of hiding and laid on the individual “believer.” How quickly the GOP was to grab onto the occult superstition handed out to all of us since our childhood that successfully divided us up into mass hatred based on God. We tried the race card and went to a civil war over the concept of equality within the American citizenship.

    Every damn nation in all portions of the continents has been through a fight for superiority over all humans. We ended up living among those who look like each other. We managed a certain control over equality until the concept that the best Americans are all white Christian straight men. The GOP was dancing in the streets with this new division of what made up a successful American.

    I expected a revolution among the GOP to rid our government of Christian laws that became not only ridiculous but redundant. They had nowhere else to go. Since the end of WW2, the GOP had nothing to base their free enterprise capitalism on because their own leaders had abused the hell out the lack of laws protecting the citizens from themselves. It is time for the American people to look directly at the “Golden Rule” and how phony the whole Christian base is founded. The majority of Americans are willing to blame God for every slimy thing they managed to do since the Separation of Church and State was abolished.

    Actually I believe that America fell into corruption more quickly than other citizen-based nations. Somehow being a nation of wealth was more important than a nation of individuals of equal rights. We the People made our choices during every election we have witnessed since the end of WW2.

    Instead of growing with the inventions of warfare, we dumbed our kids down with 24/7 television shows. We allowed the schools to label our own children using the alphabet soup of why they fail in schools.

    Taking a new growing advanced brain from the womb and placing it in front of a television until it begins to rot with boredom has made Americans hit a new low in accomplishment. It was so bad that even our President George W. Bush had to take a step to fix things. I would have loved to have seen the books in his nursery as he was growing up with one foot in the White House. He cleverly came up with a slogan of “No Child Left Behind” that would prove without a shadow of doubt that our kids were getting dumber by the day. “Left Behind” was the clue word for scaring the hell out of the children who were being trained to discover Jesus quickly in fear of Armageddon. A series of books were published as a step into early childhood terrorism. This form of terrorism is the lowest form of abuse possible even in a nation built on liberty.

    Money is not the problem, no matter what you paid for gas this morning. Money is simply the number by which we compare each other’s wealth. By the time we figure out where the problem starts, the damage will have been done.

    The problem is our inability to recognize what is needed for the future of American values. Can we even define what those values represent? America is now running on bad credit with no hope of regaining our individuality. I cannot even imagine a story line more devastating than being born a negative in a world of positives.

    When two negatives produce a family of negative offsprings, where does this put the whole family? Just imagine trying to explain one of those children being a homosexual. In my day, it was trying to control my left hand when it was determined that I was left-handed. We no longer even try to change which hand is preferred. When do we stop trying to change the attraction found in the same sex when puberty hits?

    Who the hell is directing this show? Why is stepping out of the same rules driving others into proving their superiority? Why must we work for the first 20 years of our lives trying to look, sound, act and even end up like everybody else? It’s a futile and obnoxious way to grow up. When do we ever reach the capacity to be ourselves?

    Do we have to spend all our waking hours trying to prove our sameness? Every damn time a Christian makes a statement; must he/she spend the rest of the time trying to prove what was meant?

    When I was a senior in high school, I took an extension course at UCLA from Sessue Hayakawa and the subject was language in thought and action. It opened my mind into the importance of understanding each word written or spoken. It brought home the need to determine whether our words were true or made up. Were we living in a factual world or simply in the occult visions of others?

    Do we seem to desire the world of other’s dreams? When do we call or raise the hands we were dealt?

  3. Carl, rather than look at the elections in a short time period, I see a potential of freedom losses for just about everyone who votes. This whole identification of right over left must take a deeper look at the end games.

    Ever since the campaign for Bush in 1999 the right wing nuts have redefined their party litmus tests. The number one focus during that election was to balance the Supreme Court onto the Christian plans for a nation based on a National plan for a biblical rewrite of the U.S. Constitution.

    It put a label on all Americans as to whether they were “Pro-America” or “Anti-American” citizens.

    Over the years, the labels have grown into sub-groups based on who we sleep with and/or love. We saw a new label appear this week called the new barbarians, meaning homosexuals. Are we going to have to watch a man try to cling to a sexual classification that does not fit him? This in the middle of a war against African Americans trying to look equal? Gingrich tried again to label Secular Americans as the bringers of death of freedom.

    Every morning I wake up and tune into Morning Joe to see if any more labels were exposed since the previous day. It’s not the threats of losing more freedoms but the number of Americans who would be willing to give it all away

    Damnit Carl, I have no card in this card game of keeping Roe v Wade legal. I’m long beyond my breeding years. I am not lusting after another woman and never did but to sit back and ignore their freedoms would make me unable to sleep as an American. I sat with a very close friend who was dying of the AIDS virus who practiced (rehearsed) how he would tell his mother that he was Gay. We both ended up in tears over the sickness of the situation.

    These are people, Carl, not some names on a screen play. I was raised in a home where labels were added to new friends, new neighbors and even new relatives. I lived in the hive of the queen bee and saw her roil and cry when one of her babies stepped out of the hive. Most of my generation simply went with the wave of hypocrisy. I did not and was placed in a private boarding school to shut me up. I gave up going to college and chose to move into a one room garage just to get away from labels that offended.

    Neither party has earned my vote. I knew the history of my new District’s Legislator before my books were unpacked. She may eventually vote the correct way, and I am watching!

    • Seemingly I owe you an apology Ms. Price. It finally dawned on me that your involvement in politics is your personal hobby and I’m not saying that to be offensive.

      Over the years you’ve been involved with a multiplicity of causes, party politics etc. I have not. In fact, I’m both hushed and amazed as to how many movements, groups etc. you’ve been involved with over time.

      I’m informed, but not rabidly proactive. I call and write my reps on a regular basis and take the effort to go to their ‘town hall’ meetings when they show up. I’m not impressed with them or their support for our nation and the Constitution for which it stands, but they surely now how to spend and in most cases waste our tax revenues plus whatever else is borrowed from afar.

      I’m 66 and I believe a few years back you revealed your age to be 78. Our world civilizations are nothing a firefly’s wink in the cosmic night and our individual lives much less so. So you and I best try to enjoy our remaining ‘short ride’ while in the cosmic amusement park…no? / : |

      When I post to this site, it’s a way to release my inner thoughts concerning the order of the day on a public forum that I value highly. It’s simply my opinion and nothing else.

      Peace..! : )

      Carl Nemo **==

    • While it is clearly in fashion to bash Cantor, et al…

      A quote from the link: “The move only makes sense if Cantor wants to guard himself against a sudden and imminent collapse in Treasuries. Given the current political climate, his decision to continue to hold onto his short option could mean only one thing: he’s betting the government won’t reach a deal.”

      The first sentence is spot on, which is what that type of ETF is geared to do, i.r., guard against dollar devaluation. The second sentence, however, is erroneous, as there could be a number of reasons for his buying into the ETF. Among them, is the appraisal by many of us that the value of the dollar is going down not so much because of the failure to get a debt limit increase – which will actually speed that decline, but that the Obama Administration and the Fed have already damaged the dollar beyond repair.

      Anyone as knowledegable as Cantor also has it figured out that the Fed is going to institute QE3, which will further increase inflation and greatly erode the dollar’s worth, making the ETF bet a sure thing. Nothing Cantor – or anyone else in Congress could do – except get a balanced budget based on seriously reducing wasteful spending that would placate the need for more worthless dollars, could avert that outcome. That ain’t gonna happen.

      Given that state of affairs, any prudent person with the ability to guard himself against dollar devaluation should/would do so. If you haven’t, better start now and hope it’s not too late.

  4. Cantor is accused of juvenile behavior during the meeting. POTUS swatted him like a fly! Cantor wants the Speaker’s job and he’ll do anything to get it. What a nasty weasel!

    • Obama is accused of losing his cool… Cantor lit him up! Obama wants to get reelected and has no chance. What a desperate narcisist.

  5. this President is being puppeteered by by the perma-hawks sitting on the NSC (National Security Council) who’s main objective is to facilitate the MIC’s bottomline and the security of the Israeli state in the Middle East consequences be damned to this nation’s debt load.
    -Carl Nemo

    You nailed it. This IS the elephant in the room. It always has been.

    declared a state of emergency to send troops into Libya. There is no doubt in my mind he will do so if there is a fiscal crisis. And perhaps this is exactly what they have in mind. They cause the problem and then promote the solution that grows their power and influence.

    Yes! This is why I love CHB! You don’t find this level of social/political consciousness anywhere else (that I know of) on the web.

    … usher in the NWO’s cockamamie scheme of a one world ‘digital currency’ for all, the inflationist banking cabal’s ‘wet dream’ come true.

    CarlNemo is 2 for 2!

    The Hegelian Dialectic is in full motion.
    If only the rest of the country were as informed.

  6. The question is in this ‘chess game’ for evermore power: is Cantor et al. monkey-wrenching Obama or are they setting up a board play for the ‘McConnell gambit’ of passing legislation to give Obama absolute power over budgets, debt ceilings and the incursion of unlimited debt related expenditures into the future, thus assuredly cratering this nation’s currency and credit rating in order to usher in the NWO and cockamamie scheme of one world ‘digital currency’ for all, the inflationist banking cabal’s ‘wet dream’ come true… / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • “…usher in the NWO and cockamamie scheme of one world ‘digital currency’ for all, the inflationist banking cabal’s ‘wet dream’ come true…” …extract from post

      Should read:

      … usher in the NWO’s cockamamie scheme of a one world ‘digital currency’ for all, the inflationist banking cabal’s ‘wet dream’ come true.

      My apologies.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • I think you miss the point, which is to give the big zero unlimited authority to raise the debt and thereby be totally responsible for a bankrupt America.

        Party politics, pure and simple.

    • Obama will declare a state of emergency and take the fiscal duty from Congress should a default become imminent. That is the last piece of the puzzle giving the Unitary Executive total control.

      This is the same President that continued Junior’s state of emergency for 9/11, declared a state of emergency for the not so deadly swine flu at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry, and declared a state of emergency to send troops into Libya. There is no doubt in my mind he will do so if there is a fiscal crisis. And perhaps this is exactly what they have in mind. They cause the problem and then promote the solution that grows their power and influence.

      • Just wanted to note in this scenario Obama is “reluctantly” taking over fiscal responsibilities in order to “save” us. Sounds just like their M.O. to me. He’ll play the “savior” while destroying our system of checks and balances.

  7. On the other hand… some are quite pleased that somebody – anybody, is willing to monkey-wrench the abomination (spell it how you wish) of federal rape being effected by our Pres and his govt.

  8. Carl, I have spent literally years comparing our two political parties. I quit voting for either party after Bush 41 failed to accomplish anything but a one world order. I worked for Goldwater and was defeated by a group of ignorant Americans who had no concept of real freedom and equality. I jumped into Perot because he actually understood Thomas Friedman’s warnings. I was called a complete and total fool by Reader Rant. I understood the background of Christian pressure but never would believe that they would take the welfare Bush 43 issued to them and invited them into his political party. The message here was that Jesus Christ would fix our government to suit the citizens. I was told to leave the GOP unless I could prove I was a Christian. I was a tad more than pissed.

    The two parties have made their issues very clear and the religious right needs to be thrown out on their holy arses before they get their hands on the another action made on the Constitution.

    I face a condition of two choices. Watching Bachmann’s numbers increase after tryhing to describe what it is he does to people, threw me literally off my feet. My conclusions are to believe that the GOP is the party of God and the American people, be damned!

    The Democrats have no plan to correct the pressure from the Corporations. They had the authority for years to bring up the corruption into our oversight committees. What wew forget, that after all our elections, the candidates pack up their balls and move home waiting for another disaster.

    I remember trying to get a dialog going within the Modern Whig Party. Most of you had no time for such nonsense. Mention the LP on this forum, and watch all the new vocabulary that pops up. Okay, so I tried changing the dialog to contain an “ideal” point of view that crashed. Even the mention of Ayn Rand brought out the old reputation of her past. Being an Atheist, Rand was free from the corruption that had been injected into so many infants of the Christians. She had no fear of hell and damnation because it simply didn’t exist. I learned in my first years at Reader Rant that the group here represented a Christian point of view. I moved on and even worked on the forum found at Etherzone. I wrote for them them and my emails alone could have started a great dialog.

    I returned after the Perot fiasco and realized that the American voters have no concept of freedoms. They accept that yelling fire in a theater is a good enough reason for the federal laws to control us.

    I’m not a whiner Carl, and will put my money and time where my efforts will work for me. Until the GOP is turned out of their misjudged control, they will not get a vote or a dime from me. There are more of us than you can imagine.

    I was interested in the latest Murdoch mess that could bring down the house of Fox News but that is only a small start. Pat Robertson is still waiting in the wings to lead us into Paradise.

    They are working on the elecytric grid in the valley here and I will be pulling my internet off line until things are fixed. The world just blew up in India where Mumbai may need some help from America. Pakinstan may have started WW3.

    Carl I just copies you post for further reading. My day is running out


  9. A Republican majority in the house sounds like a call from hell to me. The GOP has one aim in their sights and that is to dump Obama. For 50 years, we have all been told that to gain a majority is the only reason for existence in D.C. When both sides of the aisle meant something better in their agenda, the choice meant a great deal.

    2012 now represents a militant threat for the hearts and souls of Americans. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Every morning I take another look at the two-party system being offered and for the first time, I will vote to the left. I would rather lose the rest of my money than have to be forced into a baptismal tub. Bachman scares the crap out of me with her visions of Jesus handing her another free pass into heaven.

    • Why must you vote for to the ‘left’ Sandune? There are other “minor party” alternatives. Better yet, why the compulsion that you must indemnify another ‘loser in chief’ and have the ‘blood of the ballot box’ on your hands.

      This current presidential fiasco; I.E., Obama’s ‘silver-tongued’ oratory promising wondrous things for America then doing a sea change via his selection of appointees prior to his inauguration, many if not most retreads from previous administrations that engineered the fix in which we find ourselves demonstrates such campaign trail duplicity. Instead of a progressive president we ended up with man who’s continued and/or augmented policies that were implemented during the G.W. Bush/Cheney era.

      Instead of exiting fields of combat in a meaningful way, we now find ourselves involved in four zones of conflict, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya. Obviously this President is being puppeteered by by the perma-hawks sitting on the NSC (National Security Council) who’s main objective is to facilitate the MIC’s bottomline and the security of the Israeli state in the Middle East consequences be damned to this nation’s debt load.

      His medical plan, known as ‘Obamacare’ turned out be a corporatist friendly piece of nightmarish legislation that is more about snooping into the lives and controlling everyone from womb to tomb with government enforced, mandatory medical coverage that no doubt will devolve into something worse than the Medicare/caid we have now.

      He’s been amenable to bailing out bankers and Wall Street and in a defacto sense via AIG, Eurozone bankers too.

      This man and his administration have been feverishly troweling in the final bricks of an electronic surveillance state. It’s more secretive than during the Bush era and getting worse by the day.

      The order of the day has not improved on his watch, but has spiraled ever downward into the abyss of tyranny run amok. Believe it…!

      My unsolicited advice to you and others concerning his reelection is to abstain from indemnifying another term for he and his coterie of “leftie advisers”. In addiiton do not vote for just any Republican wannabe crimpol because the movers and shakers that own this nation lock stock and barrel have offered such via their MSM outlets. Since we have no viable third party, then it’s time to boycott the voting process in this nation and turn our backs on them. Without any clear publicly diplayed mandate, they’ll be flapping in the breeze. Another thought is to never send an incumbent back to D.C….EVER! When their reelection comes due, vote for anyone else other than them.

      Chronic voting for either party with no viable third party candidates as an option have gotten us into our current fix. It’s always a nation deadly, no win for “We the people”. Get it in your head both parties have devolved into a duopolist excercise in futility and report to the same shadowy corporate controllers that own this nation and seemingly the serfs within too. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

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