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Friday, July 19, 2024

When ‘none of the above’ is a leading choice

Many voters in this presidential election say they don't like either of the two party candidates. We understand

old election cliche of “none of the above”as a preferred candidate rings loudy this year as angry voters, known as “double haters,” feel both the Republicans and Democratic candidates are not worthy of their vote,

Interviews by The Washingtoh Post with angry voters in Wisconsin, a swing state in this year’s presdential feels that Donald Trump are too old and too feeble to be leders of America.

They said things like:

  • “Absolute trash.”
  • “Three-hundred-and-some-odd million people, and that’s all we can get?”
  • “Terrifying.”
  • “Both options suck. And it’s going to, I think, boil down to what sucks less.”

“I am praying nightly that there comes somebody else and I think we have a lot of time for that youngster to step up, but I am hoping to God that those aren’t the only two choices come Election Day,” says Sue Daniels, 64, a homemaker in Hudson who said she begrudgingly voted for Trump in 2020 but is is now “truly” undecided.”

The Post reports:

Both men are too old, Daniels said — she doesn’t think Biden, in particular, “is making any decisions on his own” — and she believes former first lady Michelle Obama “would be a better idea than Biden any day of the week.”

“I really am so sick of the two of them,” she adds. “And I really wish there was some more — different blood, younger blood. If it comes down to the two of them only to vote for, it would be Trump, but honest to God, we just need better people.”

In more than 60 interviews here over several days last month, people expressed sentiments ranging from resignation and dismay to disbelief and anger over an election in which both the Democratic and Republican parties have served up the same two deeply unpopular candidates.

These double haters are likely to prove a critical voting bloc in November. They are a group that could help determine the outcome in a close election, especially in critical swing states like Wisconsin, and one that has become the focus of considerable attention and outreach from both campaigns.

Biden won all but one of the swing states in hus defeat of Trump in 2020. Polls now show the race tighter this year, although some of the “we don’t like either one” voters say Trump’s criminal convictions and increasing worries about his apparent dementia worries them.

The Post continues;

Standing behind the counter at an antiques shop in downtown Hudson, Kimberly Nelson, 55, of River Falls, Wis., described herself as a Democrat who voted for Biden in 2020 but now feels “very sad — angry — that our two choices are like, ‘Do you want Stalin or Hitler? Which one? Which one?’”

She said she views both Biden and Trump as “very narcissistic, very God particle,” and that she blames Biden for “the genocide” in Gaza, while she views Trump as an “embarrassing” leader who is “not really aware of anyone other than himself.”

“Either one of those guys are horrible — I don’t know what to do,” Nelson said. “I guess I have to vote for Biden, but I don’t like him either. But I’m terrified of Trump even more.”

Biden is 81 and Trump 78.

Steven Slama, 32, a musician who also owns a landscaping business, said he made the mistake of not voting in 2016. Now Slama, a Democrat, said the choice in November “is terrible — it’s like the worst choice ever” — but he, too, plans to vote for Biden.

Slama told the Post that he actually likes a lot about Biden’s presidency — his push for student debt relief, his ending of the Afghanistan war, his support for the National Labor Relations Board and workers’ rights. But he compared Biden to former president Lyndon B. Johnson, a “very good” leader until the Vietnam War — or, in Biden’s case, the Israel-Gaza War.

Still, Slama said he dislikes Trump more — from the Supreme Court justices Trump appointed who helped overturn Roe v. Wade to “the fact that he basically tried to overthrow democracy by having a whole false-elector scheme, and January 6 and all.”

The Post adds:

Kate Bee, 41, a small-business owner from Stillwater, Minn., who was shopping at a hardware store in Hudson, said her political affiliation “depends on the day” but she’s “mostly Democrat” who voted for Biden in 2020 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“But I didn’t like it,” she added, saying she thought Sanders was “robbed of the candidacy.”

She likened the upcoming election to the 2004 “South Park” episode that satirized the presidential race between Democrat John F. Kerry and Republican George W. Bush by portraying an election at South Park Elementary between a “giant douche” and a “turd sandwich.”

“The douche and the turd sandwich — that’s what I feel like it is,” Bee said. “Which is less bad? Trump is worse, because he is seemingly on a rampage to divide the country, whereas Biden just has no voice. I would actually love a candidate that truly seems to care about the people and the country and not corporations. Neither of the two really do that.”

As a career newspaperman and photojournalist, I’ve considered myself a political agnostic. I vote for the candidate, not their political party.

But I admit a clear biaseagainst Trump, a felon, adjudicated sexual predator and court-declared rapist who was found liable to tax fraud in New York State, illegal use of a foundation to pay for his lifestyle and thousands of unpaid bills and defaults that bankrupted small businesses that worked on his properties..

He also left many seniors without their savings or retirement accounts with his fake “Trump University” scam that federal law enforcement authorities shut down and levied millions in fines for fraud.

Yet he is the anointed candidate by the Republican Party, once declared the party of Abraham Lincoln but is now a crzven cult of criminals, con artists, white supremacists and crooks.

Shoud he even be allowed go run for office? Hell no! Can he win? Few thought he could in 2016 and the outcome this year depends on voter turnout and enough voters to put America first.

Trump’s actions that left to the Capitol Riot on Jan. 6, 2021 were acts if sedition against the United States of America. His involvement shows he could, and should, be tried for treason.

Trump is a traitor, but he is not alone. You can find more traitors in the halls of Congress.

They are also known as Republicans.

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