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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Was the swamp drained?

Donald John Trump is many things: Showboat, con artist, flamboyant “reality show’ host and real estate mogul with a questionable record.

One thing he is not is a competent President.

The man who promised Americans he would look out for “forgotten people” while he would “drain the swamp” and “immediately repeal and replace Obamacare” accomplished none of those promises.

As for his promise to “unite America?” Not even close.

Trump is a racist who lashed out of African-American athletes over their kneeling for in protest during national anthems, lambasted Puerto Rico’s request for faster aid after Hurricane Maria devastated the island nation that is a U.S. territory and promotes a tax plan that primarily benefits the wealthy, including — of course — him.

His endorsement of an appointed sitting Senator in Alabama meant nothing as he fell to a rabid right-winger in Alabama. His hand-picked Health and Human Services Secretary decided to rip off taxpayers by chartering expensive private jets to run around the country resigned in disgrace this weekend.

As President, Trump is a failure. His promise to surround himself “only with the best and most serious people” included failures like Anthony Scaramucci, the fast-talking New Yorker who was out as Communications Director in what may be the shortest term in Presidential History and is not alone.

Also gone is Stephen Bannon, the right-wing boss of Breitbart “news”, Michael Flynn, the former general who shared top-secret information with his mistress and dallied with Russian officials without disclosing.

The list of former White House officials who are now gone grows daily.

“He campaigned on the basis of large promises which were, in many cases, disconnected from any concrete program for achieving them,” William A. Galston, a top policy adviser to President Bill Clinton and now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, tells Jenna Johnson of The Washington Post. “He entered office having issued a bunch of promissory notes but not having thought through how to redeem them, and that’s a very difficult way to begin an administration.”

Trump’s troubles continue to grow and the “look the other way” Republican leadership of the House and Senate continue to let him get away with just about everything he wants.

“Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House) and Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority Leader) enable Trump because of their unwillingness to put the nation’s interests ahead of the party,” says former GOP consultant Roy McNeil. “Their inactions are a major part of the reasons I gave up working for the Republican Party.”

“I supported, worked for and voted for Trump because I felt he would help us,” said Sally Argon of Pittsburgh. “He turned out to be just another politician who promises us what we want to hear and then forgets us after he is elected. He is a fake and a failure.”

A growing number of those who voted for Trump now openly admit they made a mistake.

“He does not give a damn about us or America,” says Andrea Lewelling of Cleveland. “He cares only about himself and his family. They are nothing more than crooks.”


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