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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Welcome to the American Gestapo

Wonder if any of the vast sums of money approved Tuesday for the new
Department of Homeland Security are set aside for black uniforms with
knee-length boots and black leather trench coats?

Should be. Since we’ve gone to all this trouble to create the new American Gestapo we might as well let them look the part.

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Violating a trust with readers

Bob Greene, a columnist with The Chicago Tribune, lost his job recently after admitting he nailed a teenage girl he met through his column “a number of year ago.”

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So, what happened?

Americans celebrated the 4th of July in mostly tradtional ways Thursday – at picnics, air shows, festivals and other public events.

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The real terror in the skies

I’ve never flown America West Airlines and, after hearing that two of their pilots tried to fly a plane out of Miami while tanked on booze, I doubt that I ever will.

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