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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Donald Trump is a serial sexual predator

We already know Donald Trump is a liar, a failed businessman who drove several of his companies into bankruptcies, a deadbeat who stiffs companies and small business operators, a con artist who bilks investors while raking in millions in “management fees,” a huckster who defrauded students with his fake “university” and an adulterer who admitted cheating on at least two of his three wives.

Now, by his own words and his repeated actions, we now know he is a serial sexual predator and a dirty old man who walked unannounced into Miss Teenage America pageant dressing rooms and leered at naked girls as young as 15.

Trump admitted walking into the dressing rooms of such events like Miss Teenager and Miss Universe because “I was the owner of the pageants and I had the right to walk into any place I wanted. ”

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