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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Campaign reform? Ban promises

Promises – the bread and butter of political campaigns, no candidate ever seems to have a shortage of them. Come election time, Americans are fed a steady stream of lofty rhetoric and glitzy slogans, rolling so effortlessly from the tongues of politicians and dutifully parroted by pundit and populace alike.

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Evan says Bayh Bayh

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh‘s decision to leave Congress is hardly a surprise to those who see political moderates as an increasingly disaffected bunch who have

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A serious test for Obama’s Afghan war plan

Even more than the combat under way in strategic Helmand province, what comes after this first major battle of President Barack Obama‘s Afghanistan surge will test his strategy to blunt the Taliban and begin to withdraw U.S. forces next year.

There are questions about whether meaningful numbers of Taliban fighters can be scared off by U.S. firepower or bought off in a future amnesty outreach. U.S. Marines are meeting stubborn resistance and slower going than some expected in the early days of the offensive around the rich farming district of Marjah, although it is too soon to say whether the Taliban intend to mount a prolonged battle.

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Can Zsa Zsa’s husband save California?

What the world already knows of Prince Frederic von Anhalt reads like a tabloid writer’s dream: eighth husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, lover (never confirmed) of Anna Nicole Smith, self-proclaimed member of European royalty.

The flamboyant socialite says he’ll add a new title on Wednesday: California gubernatorial candidate.

Von Anhalt and his attorney said they will file his candidate papers in late morning at the secretary of state’s office in Sacramento.

If he follows through, von Anhalt would be the only independent in a field that includes Republicans Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner and the presumed Democratic candidate, Attorney General Jerry Brown.

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