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Sunday, July 21, 2024

The 10th Amendment is Alive and Well

The folks in Wyoming, even Federal Judges, sure know how to make a guy’s day. Of course it will have to go through appeals, but hallelujah is all I can say.

This may be the first of one small victory at a time that snowballs into a reinvigoration of Constitutional sovereignty.

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Pinned down.

At this hour as we sit at our supper table enjoying hot food, coffee by the gallon, and security signed in blood written statement, Marines and coalition forces await the dawn handcuffed by rules of engagement rendering their strength to that of piss ants.

These blades in their predicament that mow the grass but are not allowed to mulch would paint horrifying tapestries of our global ball field if but given voice.

Yet assuredly we have allowed with casual notice these engineers of freedom to be clothed in the tattered and filthy rags of past usurpers.

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Bitter partisanship drives Evan Bayh from Senate

Democratic Senator Evan Bayh says he’s had enough of the bitter partisanship that defines government in Washington so he’s quitting his Senate seat after just two terms.

“My passion for helping people is not highly valued in Congress,” said in announcing his decision Monday He added that he would prefer to be in an environment that thrives on “solutions not slogans, progress not politics.”

Bayh’s announcement stunned fellow Democrats and added more problems to a party that is losing ground in Congress just four years after gaining control of both the House and Senate.

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