In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Bucksaw, Buzzsaw

Mounted on the determination Lamraff (his favorite tractor), my Father bucked against the only wind he and my mother knew, cold and hunger go easier with hard work to it’s fruition and should put wood in the basement.

Mom said pain is a fact of life and you damn well get used to it.

Whence it’s universal in recognition,
pain that is,
there will be the dawn of the betterment of man.

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F= Forgot to count on myself before depending on who is in the next bomb crater.

E= Equalized threat horizon knowing full well buddy pals, do not oe’er the waters lie.

A= Augment said dependence by failure to act gut wise charismatically all over the place.

R= Rail at the establishment as if you are not it!

If I could debate the great directors of liberty, be they living or dead,
would I send my mind ,
or hopefully in like kind, not ask erstwhile do my bidding?

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Government shutdown continues into second day

More than 230,000 federal employees in the National Capital Region stayed home for a second day Tuesday as Washington and the surrounding area tried to dig out of the record-breaking storm that dumped more than two feet of snow over the weekend.

Taxi drivers collected a $100 “snow fare” over the standard rate for anyone who needed to get to the region’s airports and Washingtonians braced for even more snow bearing down on the area.

“I’m done with city, urban snow life,” Washington resident Chis Vaughan told The Associated Press. Vaughan managed to avoid the “snow fare” by bribing a friend with a bottle of wine in exchange for a trip to the airport.

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Discredited ‘birther’ issue still sells with Tea Party types

United States President Barack Obama's birth c...

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Joe Farah, the bombastic, right-wing extremist who runs WorldNetDaily, tried to interject the long-ago discredited “birther” movement into the Tea Party convention over the weekend.

Farah devoted 10 minutes of a speech to the convention rehasing the same, tired questions over President Barack Obama’s citizenship while overlooking — as he always does — the simple fact that the State of Hawaii verified Obama’s birth and ended the debate in the eyes of all but the most fanatical zealots.

His comments irritated blogger Andrew Briebart who told WND’s Chelsea Schilling that Farah was barking up the wrong tree.

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Republicans wary of Obama’s public health care summit

Republicans have said all along they want the health care  debate out in the open and criticized President Barack Obama for holding discussions behind closed doors.

So Obama proposes a televised summit with Democrats and Republicans and now the GOP says it’s not too sure that’s such a good idea.

Republicans have issued a list of “pre-conditions” and — if they don’t get what they want — they might not show up.

Some feel Obama and the Democrats are laying a trap and they say they’re not going to walk into it.

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