In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Sunday, February 25, 2024


The next time you are served it, the next time you are in it,
look around, without the lowly mushroom it tastes like carrots.

Take a reasoned approach,then devolve someway your fellow man will survive alongside equally, whether it be for arguments strident sake or for their belief personally unfathomable to you. It matters not what we do or say if we remain deflected to a boil.

Argument unreasoned is fruitless as we must recognize diversity, discourse, and the will to conquer mastery of both as our mainstay.

Just please, don’t let the soup burn.

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McCain will support Obama’s proposed budget freeze

Sen. John McCain says he will support President Barack Obama’s effort to cut federal spending, but that it won’t work unless Obama shows a willingness to veto pork-barrel spending.

Amid indications the administration will announce plans this week to cut domestic spending in its budget proposal, McCain said “we need to do so.”

But in his appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the Arizona Republican said that Obama “has got to veto bills that are laden with pork-barrel spending, earmarks.” He also said he’s determined to vote against another term for Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, “because I believe he was the captain of the ship when it hit the iceberg. He was there at the casino when all the gambling went on and he didn’t do anything about it.”

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Reality could bury Obama’s tax credit fantasy

President Barack Obama’s push to create jobs includes a new tax credit for small businesses that add employees, an idea that has appeal as the nation struggles with an unemployment rate topping 10 percent.

It is an idea, however, that fell flat in Congress when Obama first proposed it last year because lawmakers didn’t know how to target the credit effectively. The Obama administration still hasn’t provided details on how the tax credit would work, and some tax experts question whether it would.

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Senate ain’t buying Obama’s deficit reduction task force

The Senate is likely to reject a White House-backed plan to establish a bipartisan task force to recommend steps to curb the deficit, even as lawmakers digest the news that President Barack Obama wants a three-year freeze in the domestic budgets they control.

Fresh numbers arriving Tuesday morning from the Congressional Budget Office are expected to bring continued bad news on the deficit, keeping the pressure on Obama and congressional Democrats to demonstrate they’re serious about taking on the flood of red ink.

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