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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Maybe health care reform isn’t possible

Health care “reform” is dead in the Senate.

The current bill, watered down by too many compromises and too much influence from the very industry it is designed to regulate, is a joke.

If the so-called Democratic leadership of the Senate and President Barack Obama could put their egos aside for at least a nanosecond, they would accept failure and pull the plug on the brain-dead concept of “reform.”

Perhaps, as former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean suggests, true reform can be salvaged in the House version of the bill but that is a long shot at best.

Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and focus on the many other problems that affect the nation.

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Most Americans rate Congress low on ethics

Gallup poll

For the first time in Gallup’s annual Honesty and Ethics of Professions poll, a majority of Americans — 55% — say the honesty and ethical standards of “members of Congress” are low or very low — slightly worse than “senators,” whose ethics are rated low by 49%. By contrast, 83% of Americans say nurses have either very high or high ethical standards, positioning them at the top of Gallup’s 2009 ranking of various professions.

The percentage of Americans now believing that members of Congress have low ethics is up from 46% in 2008 and 45% in 2007, and has more than doubled since the start of the decade — rising from 21% in November 2000 to 55% today.

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Other ‘must-pass’ legislation clears key hurdle

Must-pass legislation that wraps up the bulk of the remaining congressional agenda besides health care easily cleared a key Senate hurdles early Friday morning.

Anchored by a $626 billion Pentagon funding bill, the measure also carries short-term extensions of unemployment benefits, highway and transit funding, key pieces of the anti-terror Patriot Act and prevents doctors from shouldering a 21 percent cut in Medicare payments.

The timing of the 63-33 post-midnight tally — which blocked GOP stalling tactics and forced a final vote to clear the bill for President Barack Obama no later than Saturday — was governed more by the brawl over health care than significant opposition to the defense measure or its additional baggage.

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Democrat vs. Democrat: The soap opera continues

It’s one of the oldest spectator sports in American politics: Democrat vs. Democrat. Welcome to the health care overhaul edition.

With just days remaining to prove that they can meet a self-imposed Christmas deadline and pass President Barack Obama’s signature initiative through the Senate, Democrats seeking a rendezvous with history instead detoured to an intraparty brawl.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., was poised to release the latest version of the Senate legislation as early as Friday, but it was unclear what kind of reception he’d get. Labor leaders said the bill was soft on the insurance industry, and former party chairman Howard Dean said he’d vote against it if he were a senator.

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