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Monday, May 27, 2024

Black lawmakers to Obama: Put up or shut up

Rep. Barbara Lee

Long-silent black members of Congress are fed up with what they see as President Barack Obama’s failure to deliver on promises to the minority communities.

So they are stepping up efforts to make Obama put up or shut up.

And their frustration is starting to show.

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Taxpayers lost billions on federal bailout programs

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

The Treasury Department admitted Wednesday it lost $61 billion in taxpayer money on two key programs designed to stabilize the economy after the largest financial crisis in decades.

The government is losing more than $30 billion on lifelines extended to insurance giant American International Group Inc., according to Treasury data released Wednesday in an audit by the Government Accountability Office. It also is losing more than $30 billion on rescues of struggling automakers Chrysler and General Motors.

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Defense secy tells US troops Iraq mission critical

KIRKUK, Iraq (AP) — U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates told American troops Friday in this oil-rich northern city that their mission in Iraq remains critical despite the nation’s focus on Afghanistan and that plans are on track to reduce forces next year….

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Obama: Others ‘more deserving’ of Peace Prize

President Barack Obama, who just last week approved sending 30,000 more soldiers to war, admitted today that others deserve the Nobel Peace Prize more than he.

But he is the first sitting American President in 90 years (and the third in history) to who show up at the ceremoies to receive the award after the Nobel Committee’s controversial decision to award him a prize based on what they expect him to accomplish in the future.

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Congress wants to question gate crashers

A congressional panel voted on Wednesday to subpoena a married couple who slipped into a White House dinner, making them the world’s most famous gate crashers and raising questions about security.

The subpoenas direct Tareq Salahi and his wife, Michaele Salahi, to appear on January 20 before the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee.

On back-to-back votes of 26-3 and 27-2, the committee authorized the subpoenas of the two in response to the Virginia couple’s refusal to come before the panel voluntarily last week.

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