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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Senate drops public option (maybe) from health plan

Sen. Harry ReidDemocrats in the Senate agreed Tuesday night to drop the controversial public option plan from health care reform legislation and replaced it with a privatized program with government oversight.

The deal, however, still allows creation of a government-run program if private companies cannot deliver what Uncle Sam wants.

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid, under fire for what many consider lackluster leadership in the health care debate and other issues, hails the deal as a “breakthrough” and says deal will “overcome a real problem” Democrats had with the on-again, off-again public option.

But the deal, hailed by Democrats, still faces opposition from Republicans and possibly some Democrats so the debate may be far from over.

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Drug-import backers worry Obama may scuttle plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — A long-running effort to allow the import of lower-cost prescription drugs faces a new twist – President Barack Obama’s administration is raising safety concerns that could effectively scuttle it, even though Obama backed the plan as a senator….

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House panel passes college football playoff bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — Dismissing complaints from some members that Congress had more pressing matters, a House subcommittee approved legislation Wednesday aimed at forcing college football to switch to a playoff system to determine its national champion….

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House votes to extend $31B in expiring tax breaks

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House voted Wednesday to extend $31 billion in popular tax breaks, including an income tax deduction for sales and property taxes, to be financed with a tax increase on investment fund managers and a crackdown on international tax cheats….

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