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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Holiday shoppers get creative in bad economy

With the holiday season in full swing, Americans hit by the recession and unemployment are remembering “it’s the thought that counts” and finding budget-friendly ways to give their loved ones gifts.

“People want to know how to manage the holiday on a budget without offending anyone. This is a huge topic right now,” said Anna Post of the Emily Post etiquette school in Vermont.

Nearly one in two Americans — around 45 percent — plans to spend less this year than last on their Christmas presents, according to a study by marketing bureau Retail Forward.

Fully 62 percent say that price will be their top consideration in weighing a purchase, according to another survey by research firm NPD.

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‘Redneck Rap’ stirs controversy

A Kansas lawmaker says he’s sorry if he offended anyone by criticizing President Barack Obama while wearing a cap that calls opossum “the other dark meat.”

Rep. Bill Otto said during a meeting with the NAACP on Saturday that he had “absolutely no thought of anything racial” in his online video, “RedNeck Rap.”

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