In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Sunday, February 5, 2023

America’s new poor: A universal problem

More than 36 million people in America use little plastic cards from the government to pay for basic staples at the grocery store.

The cards replace food stamps, which are now called “nutritional aid,” a government attempt to help erase the stigma of turning to Uncle Sam to help put food on the table.

Good thing, because one in four children today eat food purchased by the government’s “nutritional aid” program. In all-American Peoria, Illinois, the town where politicians used to ask “how does it play in Peoria?,” 40 percent of children get food from what used to be called “food stamps.”

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Republicans look for leadership, return to basics

Republicans today find themselves in a leaderless party that lacks both direction and a unifying philosophy.

Members of the party of the elephant are unhappy with their current leadership and want to return to tried-and-true GOP themes and “traditional American values,” which they feel President Barack Obama and Democrats lack.

But they are not sure how to reach those goals or what central theme should be deployed to utilize a fractured party.

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The seven things that scare the hell out of Obama

A month-and-a-half away from entering the second year of his Presidency, Barack Obama’s carefully-crafted image is coming apart.

Media fascination has vanished, replaced with skepticisim. Public adolation is facing, replaced with impatience. Obama the President is a far cry from Obama the candidate and Obama the President is faced with realities that wipe out the image.

So Obama will soon enter the new year faced with at least seven stories he doesn’t want told and seven realities that could destroy the myth.

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