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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Military looking for ways to predict PTSD

Two days before shipping off to war, Marine Pfc. Jesse Sheets sat inside a trailer in the Mojave Desert, his gaze fixed on a computer that flashed a rhythmic pulse of contrasting images.

Smiling kids embracing a soldier. A dog sniffing blood oozing from a corpse. Movie star Cameron Diaz posing sideways in a midriff top. Troops cowering for safety during an ambush.

A doctor tracked his stress levels and counted the number of times he blinked. Electrode wires dangled from his left eye and right pinky finger.

Sheets is part of a military experiment to try to predict who’s most at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder. Understanding underlying triggers might help reduce the burden of those who return psychologically wounded — if they can get early help.

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Petty, pathetic partisan pandering

It’s no secret that I intensively dislike partisanship.

I think partisans, for the most part, are brain-dead lemmings incapable of independent thought. They are numb followers of failed political thinking, driven by a desire to let others with hidden agendas control their beliefs.

True citizenship requires independent thought and an ability to examine all sides of an issue — functions far beyond the capabilities of those who describe themselves as Republicans or Democrats and wear that partisan title as if it were some earned badge of honor.

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Notice to bloggers

Sadly, a long-time user on this site decided to abuse the system by using obscenities in his blog post. Our blog moderator removed the post and the system has blocked the the user from further blog posts until I can resolve the issue.

Please don’t ruin it for other reader bloggers by playing games. It serves no purpose.

Effective immediately, all new user registrations will be reviewed by a site administrator before approval. I’m sorry to have to take this action but we have been flooded with spammers who want to take advantage of the system.

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Giuliani considering run for New York Senate seat

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who many Republicans have been pushing to run for governor in 2010, is instead leaning more toward a run for U.S. Senate, according to two party advisers.

“From staff, we have been hearing that he has been indicating quietly and privately recently that governor might not be the best fit for him now,” one adviser said Thursday. “But the U.S. Senate could be a perfect fit for him.”

The adviser noted that nobody is saying Giuliani has decided, but it “certainly sounds” like he is less interested in running for governor. Another adviser echoed that.

The advisers spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak for the state Republican Party or Giuliani.

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