In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Saturday, May 18, 2024


Our sons and daughters of this generation have been deafened to the sounds of liberty by the constant clash of warring metal. They have been blinded to their own freedom by the cut in their family income. They have been dumbed down by a system so corrupted that it leaves too many children behind each year. Kids that don’t even know how to read their own deplomas.

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A partisan America is not a real America

Put 300-plus miles on my motorcycle Saturday, riding mountain roads and stopping only for gas and to view the beauty of a country that I love, have served, and now appear doomed to mourn.

On my Harley, I’m removed from the mind-numbing tsunami of political propaganda of cable TV, Internet chatter and radio rancor.

While traversing winding roads through the Blue Ridge, I have neither the time nor the desire to deal with the mediocrity of partisanship and ponder why too many have lost the ability to display an outmoded concept of independent thought and rational political discourse.

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Health care victory a narrow, partisan win

The House of Representatives narrowly endorsed on Saturday the biggest healthcare overhaul in decades, giving President Barack Obama a crucial victory in a battle that now moves to the Senate.

By a 220-215 vote, including the support of one Republican, the House backed a bill that would expand coverage to nearly all Americans and bar insurance practices such as refusing to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

But in the Senate, work on a healthcare bill — Obama’s top domestic priority — has stalled for weeks as Democratic leader Harry Reid searches for an approach that can win the 60 votes he needs.

Any differences between the Senate and House bills ultimately will have to be reconciled, and a final bill passed again by both before going to Obama for his signature.

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Health care vote gives Obama a big win

The US House of Representatives has approved the broadest overhaul of US health care in four decades, handing President Barack Obama a hard-fought victory for his top domestic priority.

Heeding Obama’s appeal to “answer the call of history,” lawmakers late Saturday capped 12 hours of bitter debate with a 220-215 vote.

The bill amounts to a 10-year, trillion-dollar plan to extend health coverage to some 36 million Americans who lack it now.

“Tonight, in an historic vote, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would finally make real the promise of quality, affordable health care for the American people,” Obama said in a statement.

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House passes health care plan on party-line vote

The Democratic-controlled House has narrowly passed landmark health care reform legislation, handing President Barack Obama a hard won victory on his signature domestic priority.

Republicans were nearly unanimous in opposing the plan that would expand coverage to tens of millions of Americans who lack it and place tough new restrictions on the insurance industry.

The 220-215 vote late Saturday cleared the way for the Senate to begin a long-delayed debate on the issue that has come to overshadow all others in Congress.

A triumphant Speaker Nancy Pelosi compared the legislation to the passage of Social Security in 1935 and Medicare 30 years later.

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House votes to ban abortion coverage in health plan

A bipartisan House coalition voted Saturday to prohibit coverage of abortions in a new government-run health care plan that Democrats would establish to compete with private insurers.

The 240-194 vote on an amendment by Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., was a blow to liberals, who would have allowed the Obama administration and its successors to decide whether abortions would be covered by the government plan. Sixty-four Democrats joined 176 Republicans in favor of the prohibition.

Stupak’s measure also would bar anyone getting federal health subsidies from purchasing private insurance polices that included abortion coverage.

“Let us stand together on principle — no public funding for abortions, no public funding for insurance policies that pay for abortions,” Stupak urged fellow lawmakers before the vote.

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2010 elections: Waterloo for the Democrats?

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Nervous Democrats are on defense and emboldened Republicans sense opportunity heading into 2010 and the midterm elections. It was just three years ago that the GOP lost the House and Senate as well as governors’ races in a cross-country Democratic wave.

Now, with most states under their control and comfortable majorities in Congress, Democrats must protect far more seats than Republicans: 19 governors’ mansions, 17 Senate seats and as many as 60 House districts in moderate-to-conservative regions and swing-voting areas.

At this point, Democrats must do it in a more difficult political environment than in 2006 and 2008.

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The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and The New World Order

Recently I was asked why any of us should be worried about a certain Washington “think-tank” known as the Council on Foreign Relations. The following piece was written in 1995 by William Blase.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and The New World Order

– By William Blase
For those who may be confused by the controversies surrounding the “New World Order”, a One-World-Government, and American concern over giving the UN more power; those unaware of the issues involved; and those wishing more background, I offer the following.

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