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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The REAL reason not to read CHB

My friend of forty years, known to you as Procrustes, died this morning in the arms of his family and with his dearest friends gathered at his bedside.

Neither he nor I will be back to this sorry site.

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What if Bush had pulled some of Obama’s stunts?

Even though more and more Americans question the increasingly political actions of President Barack Obama, the mainstream media continues — for the most part — to give him a pass on actions that would have drawn harsh criticism if his predecessor has pulled the same stunts.

If George W. Bush had pulled some of the same stunts, the pundits would be howling with self-righteous protest and the liberal blogs and discussion forums would be screaming in anquish.

Let’s face it. Most of the mainstream media loves Obama. They hated Bush.

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Harry Reid needs a Plan B…any Plan B

Senate Majority Leader is probably feeling like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis.

His deal on a public option for health care reform is falling apart, his party faithful are jumping off the Democratic Titanic and he needs a Plan B — any Plan B — to try and salvage the centerpiece of the Obama administration.

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Can feuding Democrats get it together?

Democrats are still struggling to find a strategy that will let them push a health care overhaul through the Senate and fulfill President Barack Obama’s goal of signing a bill this year.

A day after Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the Democratic bill would include the option of a government insurance plan, moderates in his own party lost no time Tuesday in voicing their displeasure. Reid, D-Nev., needs every Democrat to break the filibusters Republicans are vowing to mount. But some of the moderates refuse to say whether they’ll stick with their leader on procedural votes, let alone those on the merits of the bill.

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Has the AMA lost its clout?

Does the AMA matter in the health care debate? Congress is beginning to have its doubts, despite the medical association’s deep pockets and platoons of lobbyists.

It’s lost its principles, some lawmakers and physicians say. Perhaps more damaging: It can’t produce votes.

After a humiliating defeat in the Senate, the venerable American Medical Association faces a revolt from both its member doctors and one-time political allies as it struggles to influence an overhaul of the nation’s health system.

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The “Twilight Zone redux”…!

A web headline this evening highlights that one of Afghani President Karzai’s brothers is on the CIA dole!? / : |

Our entire national paradigm seemingly is moving into the T-zone.

We’re wasting huuuuge amounts of money as taxpayers on this ongoing crap in faraway zones of conflict. Who is the enemy? Evidently we’ve met the enemy and “he is us”, to paraphrase an old “Pogo” cartoon strip.

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