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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Another Quote To Make You Think

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” – Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

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Saving America: It’s up to us

The America we knew and loved for most of our lives is almost gone. The America many of us served and fought to protect began its descent towards the end long ago. America today is a shell of its former greatness, an overwrought parody of itself, writhing in self-induced pain and dying from self-inflicted wounds.

As an increasingly-shrill, partisan debate escalates over who and what is killing America, those who seek to shift blame from themselves point fingers at opponents — both real and perceived — but fail to realize that, to paraphrase Shakespeare, the fault lies in all of us.

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Obama plays a split media strategy

The same president who aggressively harnesses the power of the press to promote his agenda has taken to lacing his comments with criticisms of the media, with no bigger target than the gabby culture of cable television.

President Barack Obama’s critique is biting: The media prefer conflict over cooperation, encourage bad behavior and weaken the ability of leaders to help the nation.

The White House’s attempt to discredit Fox News as an arm of the Republican Party may have been getting the headlines, but it is only one recent window into Obama’s already complex and crafty relationship with those who cover him.

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Insurance profits: The numbers don’t add up

In the health care debate, Democrats and their allies have gone after insurance companies as rapacious profiteers making “immoral” and “obscene” returns while “the bodies pile up.”

But in pillorying insurers over profits, the critics are on shaky ground. Ledgers tell a different reality.

Health insurance profit margins typically run about 6 percent, give or take a point or two. That’s anemic compared with other forms of insurance and a broad array of industries, even some beleaguered ones.

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Clock is ticking on health care reform

Time growing short, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate still face key decisions if they are to achieve President Barack Obama’s goal of passing legislation to remake the nation’s health care system by year’s end.

In the House, that means setting conditions under which the federal government would sell coverage in competition with private industry. The remaining disagreements among rank and file Democrats revolve largely around the fees to be paid doctors and hospitals under the plan, and whether they should be dictated by federal officials or established in negotiations.

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Obama set to unveil ‘too big to fail’ plans

The Obama administration plans to unveil on Monday a new plan for dealing with troubled financial giants, said a senior U.S. lawmaker, who also mentioned potentially big changes for the insurance industry.

Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and a chief architect of the financial regulation overhaul, declined on Friday to give details on the administration’s new bill, which would give the government the power to dismantle large financial companies that get into crises.

The new draft bill is expected to take a tougher stance toward troubled financial firms than the administration’s original plan, and may take out some language that would allow for temporary bailouts.

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Chamber of Commerce hits back at Obama attacks

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is fighting back against what it calls a carefully-orchestrated campaign by President Barack Obama to undermine the organization and its goals.

Tom Donahue, CEO and President of the Chamber, tells Politico that the White House and its allies are “trying to marginalize the Chamber as well as the people who work here.”

Donahue’s comments show the Chamber is not backing away from a fight with the President of the United States. In fact, the business groups seems to relish the fight because it says Obama’s attacks are helping them raise more money.

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