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Sunday, July 21, 2024

California Ban on Ammunition?

Is there a new law banning the sell of ammunition within the State of California?

I picked this up in a conversation with a very liberal pal of mine in California.

Anyone know?

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Enough is enough

Feds to 60 Million American Anglers: We don’t need you. That my friends is the Socialist way. This is the first shot across the bow. Taking control of public property and forbiding its use for private gain.

Collectivism IS Slavery. Fight them now.

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Great Chance of Failure

These were the words of General McChrystal to President Obama. The discussion was over sending 20,000, 40,000 or 80,000 troops to Afghanistan.

These are not just numbers on a piece of paper but real American boys and girls. Have we accepted this number of sacrifices to show a win in a war that has never been won?

American cannot afford this sacrifice. I’m tired of this political partisan fight that uses real pawns on a game board of hell.

Bring our boys and girls home from the Middle East and stop these playground games. We could leave both nations with a single threat that one more strike would mean the big bomb on the middle east.

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Hillary Clinton says ‘no’ to another Presidential run

Hillary Clinton says she will not run for President again, ruling out a run for the office in 2016.

In an interview with Ann Curry of NBC News, Clinton appeared ready to put to rest any more speculation over another run for the top job.

Curry asked: “Will you run for President again? Yes or no?”

“No,” Clinton said.

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Insurance costs will rise in 2010

As health care “reform” lumbers it way towards an uncertain fate in the halls of Congress, one reality remains certain for Americans who still have health insurance: They will pay more for coverage in 2010.

Employers, faced with rising costs for health plans, are increasing the share employees must pay and those with pay the full cost of insurance will find sticker shock as insurers send out their new rates.

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Health care industry: From ally to enemy

President Barack Obama openly courted the health insurance industry as he attempted to craft a coalition to craft a health care reform bill.

But that industry turned out to be the wolf in the hen house, keeping its powder dry and waiting for the right time to try and torpedo any serious attempt at reforming the system that provides them with huge profits while saddling Americans with crippling costs.

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Still on the job but working & earning less

Those lucky enough to still have jobs don’t necessarily have it made. Many face wage cuts, demotions to lower-paying positions or reductions in the numbers of hours they work.

The New York Times says airline captains now fly as first officers, a reduction not only in rank but in pay — as much as 50 percent less. Hourly workers find themselves cut from full-time to part-time and some face loss in benefits as well.

It’s the new economy and one where such cutbacks are the worst since the great depression.

Less work means less money which translates into less buying power and and a resulting impact on the economy.

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