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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Addicted To “FREE”

The Internet is the greatest thing since sliced bread, no doubt about it. But also, the Internet is a haven for FREE access to so many tangible and intangible goodies such as quality news sites, software, coupons, blogs services and even products of all types.

Most people have simply become addicted to the unabated FREE use of the Internet.

Have you ever downloaded software that is labeled as “freeware”, but when you go to the download site the author of the software makes a little disclaimer that says something like, “Your donations allow me to continue to spend the time to create such software. If you find it to be useful, I would appreciate your donation.” Do you donate? Most probably don’t.

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Barack H. Obama: Just another George W. Bush?

As a candidate for President, Barack Obama promised to end Constitutional abuses and infringement on freedoms by the administration of George W. Bush.

As President, Obama has continued the abuse and now backs many of the rights-robbing practices of his predecessor.

Since becoming President, Obama backed Bush’s controversial use of the National Security Agengy (NSA) to wiretap Americans without warrants. He has expanded, not curtailed, Bush’s “war on terror” and has done nothing to roll back the Constitutional abuses of the USA Patriot Act, a law he voted to extend while serving in the Senate.

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Obama builds his own ‘imperial Presidency’

Candidate Barack Obama promised to eliminate the imperial Presidency of George W. Bush but President Obama has become an extension of the expanding power of the executive branch. He is trapped not only by a Presidency he did not create but also by one he cannot control and now uses to his political advantage.

Bush reinterpreted laws with widespread use of “signing statements.” Obama ordered federal workers to ignore Bush’s signing statements and then started issuing his own. His first signing statement give him the right to bypass provisions and limitations of a $410 government spending bill he signed into law.

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Wall Street spending big to buy Congress

Wall Street has spent close to $11 million this year to buy votes in the Senate and the vote it covets most comes from New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer.

Schumer has pocketed $1.65 million in campaign contributions from the financial industry — more than twice the amount to other Democrats and 500 percent more than contributions to any Republican.

While spending by big business is down in recession-driven economy, it’s clear the boys with the bucks are counting on Democrats to save their bacon in the halls of Congress.

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Playing the health care lottery

More than 50 million Americans gamble with their futures by not having health insurance, an option they won’t have under all proposed health care “reform plans” coming out of the Democratic Congress.

The uninsured face the possibility of financial disaster if a catastrophic illness or accident puts them in the hospital but they also pay less for routing health care than most Americans with health insurance.

But they face a fine from the federal government if any of the proposed health care reform plans become law.

Opponents of the federal mandates say it is an infringement of individual rights and just another example of big government from the Obama administration.

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Obama’s latest unpopular idea

President Barack Obama wants kids to spend more time in schools.

School students aren’t happy about the idea. Neither or school administrators who say the President’s ideas would add costs to financially-strapped educational systems.

Which could mean increased local taxes and a financial burden to struggling taxpayers.

Add another unpopular idea from a President who is facing increasing unpopularity from a skeptical public.

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