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Friday, December 2, 2022

Message to Obama from the Republicans

CURSE YOU, President Obama. You are working too hard to keep your promises made while you were campaigning for the Presidency, which you stole from us by getting more electoral votes than our glorious candidate got. We HATE that in a Democratic President.

According to you have kept 43 promises, during your first eight months in office and have broken only five.

These are the promises you have kept so far:

No. 58: Expand eligibility for State Children’s Health Insurance Fund (SCHIP)

“Expand eligibility for the Medicaid and SCHIP programs and ensure that these programs continue to serve their critical safety net function.”

Promise Kept

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Senate Dems nix public look at health care bill

Senate Finance Committee Democrats have rejected a GOP amendment that would have required a health overhaul bill to be available online for 72 hours before the committee votes.

Republicans argued that transparency is an Obama administration goal. They also noted that their constituents are demanding that they read bills before voting.

Democrats said it was a delay tactic that could have postponed a vote for weeks.

The Democrats noted that unlike other committees, the Finance Committee works off conceptual language that describes policies — instead of legislative language that ultimately becomes law, and which the GOP amendment would have required.

Democrats accepted an alternate amendment to make conceptual language available online before a vote.

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Obama to world: America can’t do it all

President Barack Obama exhorted world leaders on Wednesday to step up and do their part in tackling global challenges in promoting security and prosperity rather than waiting for America to do it alone.

“The people of the world want change,” Obama said in his first address to the U.N. General Assembly. “They will not long tolerate those who are on the wrong side of history.”

In an era where fast-moving technology binds people across borders and old divides, Obama called for “a new era of engagement based on mutual interest and mutual respect.”

Obama said he will never apologize for defending U.S. interests. But he sought to dispel what he said has become “an almost reflexive anti-Americanism” that has swept the globe.

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After 40 years, Beatlemania is still strong

Nearly 40 years after breaking up, The Beatles are still breaking records for album sales.

EMI Group PLC says consumers in North America, Japan and the U.K. bought more than 2.25 million copies of the Fab Four’s re-mastered albums in the first five days after their Sept. 9 release.

Most of the records were broken for most simultaneous titles in the top-selling charts by a single artist.

On Billboard magazine’s pop catalog chart, for example, the band had 16 titles in the top 50, including all 14 re-mastered CDs and two box sets.

The Beatles’ original U.K. studio albums were re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London over four years and released to coincide with the sale of “The Beatles: Rock Band” on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

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House votes to extend unemployment benefits

With no end in sight to the country’s job market woes, the House has agreed to give the jobless in a majority of states another 13 weeks of unemployment insurance benefits.

The bill, which passed the House 331-83 , approves the extra three months of benefits for those jobless living in 27 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, with unemployment rates topping 8.5 percent. Similar legislation is pending in the Senate. The longtime unemployed in states with lower levels of joblessness would not get the extension.

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Mortgage applications jump after rate drop

Mortgage applications jumped last week to their highest since late May as interest rates tumbled below 5 percent, data from an industry group showed on Wednesday.

The Mortgage Bankers Association said its seasonally adjusted index of mortgage applications, which includes both purchase and refinance loans, for the week ended Sept 18 increased 12.8 percent to 668.5, the highest level since the week ended May 22.

While consumers clamored for home refinancing loans, their appetite for applications to buy a home, a tentative early indicator of sales, was also robust. The overall trend bodes well for the hard-hit U.S. housing market, which has been showing signs of stabilization.

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Afghanistan: Obama’s war, Obama’s Vietnam

Even before he became president, Barack Obama made the war in Afghanistan his own priority.

With the nomination locked up, he made a high-profile visit to Kabul shortly before the Democratic convention, where he met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who didn’t seem the liability then he does now. Obama said Afghanistan should be “our central focus, the central front in our battle against terrorism.” He promised to dispatch two to three more combat brigades to Afghanistan even as he called for an accelerated U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

True to his word, Obama sent 21,000 more troops earlier this year, bringing the U.S. presence in Afghanistan to 68,000 on top of the 38,000 NATO troops there now.

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All Obama, all the time is too much Obama

Enough already, Mr. President!

Barack Obama’s incessant pleas in behalf of health care reform have reached a decibel level seldom before achieved by anyone in his job. The appeals became a crescendo over the weekend with taped appearances on the three leading nationally televised Sunday morning public affairs programs and another with comedy host David Letterman on his late night show.

And to think it wasn’t too long ago that presidents worried that too much television exposure might detract from the majesty of the office by making them all too familiar, warts and all, to the general public. When I was a kid, the president was sort of like the Wizard of Oz, this omnipotent, mysterious figure with a disembodied voice who guided us through our travails. Few of us ever thought we would meet him.

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