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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Fines proposed for not having health insurance…!?

Today it was proposed by Senate committee chairman Max Baucus MT-Dem that fines should be levied on those that fail to acquire their national health insurance.

This is a prime example of our government gone wild. Its one thing to try to devise a scheme to provide health insurance, but now evil plans are being hatched to turn the issue of health insurance into one of enforcement. So does that mean this new healthcare function will have their own branch of armed government cops marching around the country rounding up families and destroying lives; ie. what’s little left of the American way of life?

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A Bit About Rick

I have been building websites since 1997. In my spare time I enjoy reading and visiting amusement parks throughout central Florida (where I live).

In 1999 I had a heart attack caused by a genetically malformed coronary artery. Since then I’ve had a series of digestive system health problems that are always brought under control eventually but have made it impossible for me to hold down a conventional job. In 2008 the stent implant that fixed my one bad coronary artery in 1999 collapsed. Another (now much improved) stent was implanted but I unfortunately had a second heart attack during the procedure. It took about six months to recover from that one to nearly the same strength that I had before.

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Ahhh, at long last

Hello again, Gentle Reader:

As the title would hint, I am pleased. I am pleased beyond words that there is finally a true chance to have an actual, real live, honest to goodness audit of the Federal Reserve.

For myself, the profoundest joy in this is being able to watch the collective panic as the Federal Government does its collective level best to “appear” to co-operate with the idea, and yet do a wonderful rendition of the “behind closed doors shuffle” in an attempt to stop the cold light of day form shining on the biggest gang of crooks in the country.

These unelected, userous, open sores on the butt of the country are about to get presented with their worst nightmare. Namely: Full accountability for their actions.

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The misinformation superhighway

My email overflows every day with one stupid message after another, each one more outrageous than the other.

Most, of course, make outlandish claims about President Barack Obama: He’s not a natural-born American citizen, he has a secret socialist agenda, he wants to kill grandma and he’s planning to recruit school children as part of a socialist takeover of America.

Others scream that Obama and the Democrats will take away our guns. Still more talk of a secret plan to tax Americans for the guns they already own. This latest screed reminds me of the one that circulated some years ago about a non-existent Congressional bill to tax email.

All of this comes to us via the misinformation superhighway, otherwise known as the Internet.

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Disorganized Dems: A headache for Obama

Democrats remain sharply divided over what to do about the nation’s health care system and return to Congress this week without any clear plan or consensus on reform.

After a month of rowdy town meetings, the picture for health care reform remains as muddled as ever on Capitol Hill and few believe President Barack Obama’s attempt to rally support with a speech to a joint session of Congress Wednesday night will improve the situation.

"You’re looking at one screwed-up mess," a long time Democratic operative told Capitol Hill Blue over the weekend. "Democrats lack focus on the issue."

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Time to face some truths about Obama

We now are hearing that President Obama’s honeymoon with voters is over, that his poll numbers are falling, that the soaring rhetoric of the campaign no longer makes the Democratic faithful swoon so easily.

If this is a real trend and not temporary disgruntlement, it is a good thing.

For too long, Democrats, especially progressives, have been reluctant to openly criticize Obama, the nation’s first black president. They want him to succeed, and they believe that serious public criticism from inside the party would hurt their man and egg on angry Republicans hell-bent on not being reasonable.

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