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Friday, February 23, 2024

Is this for real?

Looks like there’s a groundswell (not yet a tidal wave) of people who want to keep their children home from school Tuesday to keep from exposing them to President Obama’s message: Work hard and stay in school.

So these people are going to keep their kids home from school to keep them from hearing a message asking them to stay in school.

I must be missing something here. Isn’t that just shooting yourself in the foot? Or shooting your kids’ feet? Can someone smarter than I find the logic here?

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Unemployment hits 9.7 percent

After a slight drop last month, unemployment rose to 9.7 percent in August, the highest since June 1983. Employers eliminated a net total of 216,000 jobs last month, bringing the total loss since December 2007 to 6.9 million.

Private economists and the Federal Reserve predict the unemployment rate will top 10 percent by the end of the year. Most financial analysts say businesses will not start hiring again until they believe the economy is on a firm path to recovery.

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Generals: Time running out in Afghan war

The American public is tired of the failing war against the Taliban in Afghanistan but military planners still insist the battle can be won while also warning that time is running out.

In London, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown also defends his country’s role in Afghanistan while public unease from Brits is on the rise.

With troop deaths reaching record highs, Defense Secretary Robert Gates claimed Thursday the war is not "slipping through the administration’s fingers."

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Obama’s problems are our problems too

President Obama is in trouble. So are we.

When the president vows to keep a campaign promise by insisting on health care insurance for all and makes millions of people furious, including many Democrats, you know he has confused us.

When eight years after Sept. 11, 2001, the president is on the verge of putting thousands more soldiers in Afghanistan without having explained our mission there, you know parents will be upset.

When the government has gone trillions of dollars into debt to help the economy and the number of people without jobs is still rising, you know people are scared.

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Obama’s honeymoon is so over

Whatever the outcome of the health-care-reform debate, one fact seems practically irrefutable: President Obama’s honeymoon is over.

Although he remains generally popular, with around 53 percent approval, public opinion polls show that Obama’s support among moderates and independents has plunged dramatically. A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey published Sept. 1 found that 53 percent of independents disapprove of how the president is doing his job. That’s up from 43 percent disapproval a month earlier. A Zogby International poll last month reported that 59 percent of independents disapproved of Obama’s job performance.

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Obamacare: Too unpopular, too expensive

One thing seems increasingly clear about President Obama’s ambitious plan to reform the health-care system. The nation can’t afford it, and even if it could, polls show that a growing number of Americans aren’t ready for reform.

A recent survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies shows that opposition to Obama’s health care proposals is virtually the same as that for President Clinton’s in 1994 with 37 percent against to 25 percent in favor. Although generally connected with the Republicans, the polling organization’s findings are substantially in line with that of others, including those associated with the Democrats. The poll found that opposition to the plan cuts across party lines and includes diverse interest groups like seniors, women and independents.

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CIA probes create strange bedfellows

America gets a refresher in the lingo of labels every time senators launch an advise-and-consent ritual over a president’s judicial nominee.

We learn conservatives are "strict constructionists" — they believe the Constitution and laws should be strictly interpreted and followed. We learn liberals are "lenient activists" — they believe sometimes it is best to interpret broadly the constitution and laws. But once the Senate approves or rejects judicial nominees, we quickly forget what we learned.

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