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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A free market in medical insurance

One of the great false arguments being offered in the current debate of government-run health care is the assertion that the “free market in health care” has failed.

As a libertarian, I have to ask the obvious question: “What free market?”

Health care is already run almost entirely along corporatist/fascist lines. Let me explain this, as the word “fascist” is often bandied about as a loaded word that says little more than, “I don’t like this.”

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Why did the CIA do so much wrong?

It’s important to go back to the start of the Cold War to find out what went very wrong with the CIA, but I think it’s also important to go back to the desperate days of World War II, where the Mafia was used as one of the Allies in the fight against Hitler, and scapegoating of Japanese-Americans was done to keep American-Nazi types in the war against Japan. The famous right-wing aviator Charles Lindbergh tried to join the Air Force on the condition that he would only be sent to Japan, not Germany.

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