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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Disorganized grassroots anger

Are the angry protests at all these town hall meetings part of an organized conspiracy funded by the health care lobbyists or a real, honest-to-God grassroots campaign that reflects honest American anger over the out-of-control cost of medical care and the general state of things today?

A bit of both, I think.

The protests, no doubt, started because some fatcat lobbyists in Washington paid a consulting firm to organize a phony "grassroots" effort to stop Obama’s health care reform.

But the organized effort also sparked simmering anger in the populace and things got out of hand.

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The rowdy side of Democracy

Americans at county fairs are friendly and nice. Americans at family reunions are fabulous. Americans at town-hall meetings? Not so great.

August being the month for all three, we are seeing a particularly dark side of ourselves this month.

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Health care: Who can scream the loudest?

The health-care debate has turned raucous. Angry crowds are showing up at "town halls" to protest congressmen who support President Obama’s proposals to reform and expand health-insurance coverage in America.

Democrats say Republicans are trying to drown out the debate by shouting down reform advocates; Republicans say Democrats are trying to stifle dissent. Either way, the debate about health reform has become a debate about the debate.

Is this any way to behave in a democracy? Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk, the RedBlueAmerica columnists, jump into the fray.

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