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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Liberal bloggers keep eye on Obama

They wish he’d done more in his first eight months, but the liberal bloggers who helped propel Barack Obama to the White House are far from giving up on him.

Gathered in Pittsburgh for the annual Netroots Nation convention, they say they’re not disappointed. At least not too disappointed. Yet.

If politics is a meal being served up by the new president, they’re just looking for something to at least sweeten the bland, sometimes bitter fare they’ve grown to expect in Washington.

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John Edwards to admit he knocked up mistress

Former Democratic Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards will finally admit he fathered the daughter of his admitted former mistress, unidentified sources tell a Raleigh TV station.

WRAL-TV cited sources Friday, reporting the man who won the Vice Presidential nomination in 2004 and ran briefly for President in 2008 before dropping out of the Democratic primary race will admit he is the fater of the 18-month-old daughter of former campaign videographer Rielle Hunter.

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After the Deluge

This account of what happened to a Syrian-American man and his family after Hurricane Katrina is a powerful indictment of Bush-era policies — not a polemic, but a potboiler with a point.

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