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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Emails overload Congressional computers

Amid a boisterous debate on health care reform, people flooded members of Congress on Thursday with so many e-mails that they overloaded the House’s primary Web site.

Technical support issued a warning to congressional staff that the site — — may be slow or unresponsive because of the large volume of e-mail being sent to members.

Jeff Ventura, a spokesman for the House’s chief administrative officer, which maintains the Web site, said traffic data was not available and could not be released without the lawmakers’ consent.

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Former Clinton aide busted in Arkansas

A former chief of staff for Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas faces felony charges accusing her of trying to smuggle a knife and 48 tattoo needles onto the state’s death row.

The charges against Betsey Wright come as The Associated Press obtained documents showing a death-row inmate allegedly passed love letters and contraband to a guard with whom he committed a sex act.

Combined, the events represent just the latest in a series of high-profile incidents at the state prison system, ranging from two convicted murderers escaping in guard uniforms to a man being shot to death at a contraband checkpoint.

Wright, a longtime visitor to death row at the state’s Varner Unit, was detained May 22 after a guard noticed a small knife and a box cutter attached to her key chain, said prison spokeswoman Dina Tyler. A loose ink pen she had contained tweezers with sharpened edges, Tyler said. Inside a bag of Doritos, the guard found 48 tattoo needles.

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Memo to Hillary: Just shut up

Will someone please stuff a gag down Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s throat?

First she loses her cool when a student in the Congo innocently asked her opinion of China trading with that country.  A screwup in translation led Hillary to believe the student asked her what her husband — a former President — thought.

Hillary lost it and fired back:

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