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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Capitol Hill Blue needs your help

Capitol Hill Blue is the Internet’s oldest independent political news site. On October 1, we hope to celebrate our 15th year on the World Wide Web.

But we may not reach that milestone.

We’ve never accepted venture capital money. We don’t solicit or accept financial support from any organization with a specific political or philosophical point of view. We’re an independent news site.

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Captured soldier fears he won’t go home

The American soldier who went missing June 30 from his base in eastern Afghanistan and was later confirmed to have been captured, said in a video posted by the Taliban that he’s "scared I won’t be able to go home."

Two U.S. defense officials confirmed to The Associated Press that the man in the video posted Saturday on the Internet is the captured soldier, but the Defense Department has not released his name. The video provided the first glimpse the public has had of the missing soldier.

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Obama may set up terrorism ‘interrogation’ unit

The Obama administration is considering creating a special unit of professional interrogators to handle key terror suspects, focusing on intelligence-gathering rather than building criminal cases for prosecution, a government official said Saturday.

The recommendation is expected from a presidential task force on interrogation methods that plans to send some findings to the White House on Tuesday.

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