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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Book Review: ‘The Waxman Report’ by Henry Waxman

“The Waxman Report” explains, at least, how Congress can work, and it is fun to read. You finish it with gratitude to the voters of Beverly Hills and nearby areas who keep returning this ornery fellow to the House to challenge entrenched special interests.

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Russia Presents New Test for Obama on Overseas Trip

President Obama is scheduled to leave Washington tonight on a week-long trip that will help determine whether his personal popularity and fresh policy approaches can yield concrete results on difficult issues including arms control, missile defense and nuclear nonproliferation.

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Palin Opens Herself Up to Criticism

Does Sarah Palin have a political future? Until she declares otherwise, the assumption will be that she remains interested at least in exploring a presidential campaign for 2012. But after announcing that she intends to resign as governor of Alaska, that future comes with bigger question marks than…

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