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Saturday, March 2, 2024

U.N. Human Rights Chief Criticizes Handling of Detainees

UNITED NATIONS, June 24 — The U.N.’s top human rights advocate, Navanethem Pillay, on Wednesday appealed to the Obama administration to release Guantanamo Bay inmates or try them in a court of law, and said that officials who authorized the use of torture must be held accountable for their crimes.

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The Fallout from Sanford’s South American Adventure

For Mark Sanford, the summer adventure to Argentina — no, he was not on the Appalachian Trail as his aides incorrectly told reporters — is now a major personal embarrassment, a story of infidelity and confession that has become all too familiar from political leaders.

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Deep in the Heart of Texas: a political opportunity

Texans can better their lives in 2010

Governor Rick Perry is up for reelection.

The incumbent governor does NOT deserve another term in office. There are so many reasons Texans should NOT reelect this lackluster governor it’s hard to know where to start. Perry’s ongoing promises to voters is spin that goes nowhere.

For many years lawmakers have diverted tax dollars funded for one issue to other interests. Remember back in October 2006 “proper” Perry pounced on the diversion of tax dollars as though he was going to be everybody’s hero?

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Amateur hour in Washington

During the emerging Watergate scandal that brought down the Presidential administration of Richard M. Nixon, FBI Associate Director Mark Felt — the shadowy "Deep Throat" source who fed information to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, told Woodword to ignore the myths that surround the White House.

"The truth is, these aren’t very bright people and things got out of control," Felt said.

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Setting the stage for a Republican comeback

As absurd as it sounds, Republicans could be poised for a comeback by the mid-term elections of 2010.

Helped by Democratic arrogance and signs that President Barack Obama’s popularity may be slipping as Americans get a closer look at the real cost of his all-government, all-the-time ideas of chance, the GOP could become the lesser of two evils in the minds of voters by the time voters get another chance to voice their displeasure at how things are going in Washington.

Far-fetched? Yes. Impossible? Not really.

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Mark Sanford’s walkabout: A problem for GOP

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s mysterious disappearance from his state is the latest sign that Republican governors, once thought to be President Obama’s most credible adversaries, haven’t quite lived up to their billing.

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The escalating cost of health care reform

Those were some scary numbers on the cost of health-care reform the Congressional Budget Office released last week. As they should have, the figures sent the Senate committees scurrying back to try to rework their bills to get the 10-year cost under $1 trillion.

That was the price tag President Obama put on reform and the figure he was "almost all the way to covering" with his proposed $950 billion in tax increases and budget cuts.

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