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Friday, February 3, 2023

Texas Gov. Perry vetoes bill to prohibit TxDOT’s ad campaigns to sway public opinion in favor of tolling

Yet another reason to get rid of Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Reprinted and provided by Peter Stern with permission from Terri Hall and TURF:

Contacts: Terri Hall, Founder/Director, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), (210) 275-0640
Charles Riley, TURF Attorney, (210) 225-7236

Perry vetoes bill to prohibit TxDOT’s ad campaigns to sway public opinion in favor of tolling

Citizen lawsuit to stop TxDOT’s taxpayer-funded lobbying to continue

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Obama’s honeymoon may be over

The Teflon on President Barack Obama may be wearing thin as public trust in his ability to deal with the nation’s struggling economy drops and he faces increasing opposition on his often radical policies.

Even members of the President’s own party now question some of his actions as the nation slides deeper and deeper into an economic black hole.

A new poll shows a seven-point drop of public trust in the President’s expensive, and deficit-laden, economic stimulus plan and mounting concerns about his centerpiece public health insurance plan threaten any chance of passage before the August congressional recess.

While public approval of Obama the man remains strong the warning signs suggest the honeymoon is over for the young, inexperienced President and serious political trouble looms.

Some say the bill is coming due and no one can pay it.

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Suspected terrorists allowed to buy guns

The so-called terrorist "watch list" is supposed to protect us from those who want to destroy our way of life.

Yet the Government Accountability Office says the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that watches these folks, could not stop 90 percent of them from buying guns after they were placed on the "watch list."

Which begs the question: Who’s watching the watchers? Or is anyone watching anything?

The National Rifle Association, which can come up with an excuse to allow anyone — at any time and for any reason — to buy guns, says there’s nothing wrong with suspected terrorists buying guns because the NRA believes most of them are law-abiding citizens anyway.

Maybe the NRA is right. Or maybe they’re not. Who knows who to believe in these maddening times?

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Attention bloggers: Big brother is watching

The ever-opressive Federal Government, not content to tightly regulate banks, auto companies, smoking and God-knows-what-else, now wants to extend the controlling hand of Big Brother to the blogging community.

Under new buidelines proposed for the Federal Trade Commission, bloggers will be watched by Uncle Sam for potential conflicts of interest and ethical lapses.  The agency will soon have the power to go after bloggers who make false claims or fail to disclose conflicts of interest.

The hits just keep on a-coming.

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Metro’s fail-safe was anything but

During the 23 years that my wife and I lived in the National Capital Region, we often used Metro, the subway system considered to be the nation’s most modern and safest.

Accidents, Metro officials assured us, could not happen because designers put too many redundant fail-safe safety features into the system.

That’s what they said. As I recall, owners of the White Star Line said the Titanic could not sink.

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