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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Quit the whining, we need radical action

So many complaints, so much hand wringing, and so many cries of "socialism", "sell out" and "government taking over."  The problem I have with President Obama is not that he is going too far but that he goes not far enough.  But even more than that what we need is a Congress that stands up to the banks, the health insurance industry and the other interests that have bought them off. We need some really radical approaches to our problems, not more of the same.

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Welcome to the Socialist States of America

My granddaddy hated government assistance programs.

"When government make it impossible to fail, government takes away the desire to succeed," he said.

Granddad is no doubt twisting and turning in his grave today. The new reality in the world of President Barack Obama and Democratic control of our government seeks cradle-to-the-grave government support and federal intervention into anything that does not meet the agenda of those in power.

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You will have health insurance…or else

In the new reality of Barack Obama and Democratic control of our government, health insurance will not be an option: It will be the law.

Whatever bill emerges from Congress will almost certainly include a require that all Americans have health insurance — whether they want it or not.

In theory, those who can’t afford health insurance will get government help obtaining it.

In theory.

In reality, the theory of legislation doesn’t always translate easily to actuality.

But a government-run health care system will require health insurance…or else.

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Democrats to GOP: Screw you on health care

Democrats, sensing a defining political issue that could help them solidify their hold on national government, may abandon efforts to try and work out a deal with Republicans on a national health care plan.

Polls show most Americans want something done about the rising cost of health care and the inability of many to obtain insurance and if that means nationalizing the medical system, then so be it.

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Republicans call Obama ‘timid’ on Iran

Republican say President Barack Obama is "too timid" in his response to the growing unrest in Iran following disputed elections.

That’s a politically-correct way of saying the President is a coward.

As the loyal opposition, Republicans are expected to oppose whatever action the President takes. If Obama were threatening to nuke Tehran, Republicans would be calling is actions "risky."

In other words, he can’t win when it comes to pleasing the party of the elephant.

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