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Friday, December 2, 2022

Government wisdom in marriage

Here are a few examples of how wise governments have dealt with the question of whom one should be allowed to marry:

“Sec. 1999. Intermarriage with a Negro, etc., Declared Void.
Hereafter it shall not be lawful within this state for any white person, male or female, to intermarry with any negro, Chinese, or any person having one fourth or more negro, Chinese, or Kanaka blood, or any person having more than one-half Indian blood; and such marriages, or attempted marriages, shall be absolutely null and void.”

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President proposes health care cuts

President Barack Obama is seeking to help pay for his health care plan by sharply reducing the government’s medical spending, mainly by trimming payments to prescription drugmakers, hospitals and other care providers.

His ambitions are thick but the details thin; the president and his aides said specific ways for achieving the cuts will be decided later. The negotiations could trigger fierce political battles between powerful industries trying to protect their profits.

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Obama shipping more Gitmo detainees overseas

The Obama administration has begun shipping newly cleared Guantanamo Bay inmates abroad, including three sent at week’s end to Saudi Arabia, to regain momentum in its effort to close the prison camp at the U.S. naval base in Cuba.

The prospects for any transfers of Guantanamo inmates to the mainland U.S. have dimmed in recent weeks as Congress acted to block funding to pay for the moves. And foreign countries have been hesitant to take even cleared detainees who were deemed not to pose security threats.

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