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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Open Letter to President Obama and the Administration

Dear Pres. Obama and administration,

I refuse to believe that this is your policy. I just can’t believe that our government is letting citizens become unemployed and homeless. It boggles my mind. But that’s exactly what is happening.

You are saving financial institutions and auto manufacturers but are letting the American people fend for themselves.

The homeless population is increasing.

Returning veterans are committing suicide in record numbers.

People can NOT afford their daily living expenses.

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Obama calls for a ‘new beginning’ with Muslims

President Barack Obama called for a "new beginning between the United States and Muslims" Thursday and said together, they could confront violent extremism across the globe and advance the timeless search for peace in the Middle East.

"This cycle of suspicion and discord must end," Obama said in a widely anticipated speech in one of the world’s largest Muslim countries, an address designed to reframe relations after the terrorists attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

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Obama flip flops on health care mandates

President Barack Obama says he’s open to requiring all Americans to buy health insurance, as long as the plan provides a "hardship waiver" to exempt poor people from having to pay.

Obama opposed such an individual mandate during his campaign, but Congress increasingly is moving to embrace the idea.

In providing the first real details on how he wants to reshape the nation’s health care system, the president urged Congress on Wednesday toward a sweeping overhaul that would allow Americans to buy into a government insurance plan.

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Congress vows short leash on auto bankruptcies

Congress will closely monitor the role played by the federal government during its management of insolvent auto giants General Motors and Chrysler, a top House Democrat said Wednesday.

"Obviously the committees of jurisdiction will be exercising oversight," said Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, at a press conference.

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GOP offers $23 billion in spending cuts

Responding to a challenge from President Barack Obama, House GOP leaders are offering up a roster of more than $23 billion in spending cuts over the next five years.

The proposed cuts, which were to be sent to the White House on Thursday, bear little resemblance to the dramatic proposals Republicans unfurled when they took over Congress 14 years ago.

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New Hampshire legalizes gay marriage

New Hampshire on Wednesday became the sixth U.S. state to authorize gay marriage, deepening a New England niche for same-sex weddings and the spending that comes with them.

New Hampshire’s Democratic-controlled House of Representatives endorsed gay marriage in a 198-176 vote, hours after the state Senate approved the legislation 14-10 along party lines, making the state the fourth this year to back gay marriage in the United States.

Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, signed the bill, which goes into effect on January 1.

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Bin Laden: Obama sows ‘seeds of hate’

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden said U.S. President Barack Obama had planted the seeds of "revenge and hatred" toward the United States in the Muslim world and warned Americans to prepare for the consequences.

Bin Laden’s remarks were aired on Wednesday by Al Jazeera television, one day after his deputy described Obama as a criminal and warned Muslims not to fall for his polished words.

The comments appeared to be a drive by al Qaeda to pre-empt a major speech to the Muslim world that Obama is due to deliver in Egypt on Thursday.

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