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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Five Paragraph Term Papers: An Approach

Term papers are known to be long and includes number of pages. Now colleges and high schools assigned their students to express their thoughts through five paragraph term papers. Teachers assigned their students to five paragraph term paper writing is for them to test the capability of each student to express their ideas in a short form with regards to the discipline of making one’s term paper. Five paragraph term papers, as the name suggests is in a much stricter discipline as students need to compose their ideas in five paragraphs alone.

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A real terror attack, not another fake, but few noticed

We been crying wolf for years but when a real wolf attacks somehow we don’t even notice.
See “Report of Motive in Recruiter Attack” at NY Times,

Many think terror attacks are all FBI coached or done by others pretending to be Muslims such as the letters which were sent before the fact, warning of Anthrax.

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Cheney backpedals on earlier claims

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, under fire for bombastic, misleading and outright lies about claimed Bush Administration "successes" in the so-called "war on terror," is changing his story.

Now, after years of claiming Iraqi involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks — one of the "justifications" used by the Bush White House to sell the invasion of Iraq — Cheney now admits no such link existed.

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Americans split over toture, Guantanamo

Just over half of Americans say torture is at least sometimes justified to thwart terrorist attacks and are evenly divided over whether to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, according to a poll that underscores the challenges President Barack Obama faces in selling his terror-fighting policies.

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Sotomayor faces critics on Capitol Hill

Judge Sonia Sotomayor on Tuesday countered Republican charges that she would let her background dictate her rulings as Americans signaled a favorable first impression of President Barack Obama’s first Supreme Court choice. A new Associated Press-GfK poll suggested that Americans have a more positive view of her than they did of any of former President George W. Bush’s nominees to the high court. Half backed her confirmation.

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The problem: How to fight cyber-attacks

In the murky world of computer espionage, the U.S. faces hard choices on how to retaliate when government or privately owned networks come under cyber attack, senior military and intelligence officials said Tuesday.

As the administration grapples with how best to defend its computer networks, debate is raging over how far the U.S. can go in pursuit of cyber criminals, and even what constitutes a digital act of war.

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Tim Geithner’s laid-back approach

Rarely has a Cabinet agency seen such a dramatic change of style as the one that has occurred at the Treasury Department. Gone is Hank the hammer and in his place is Tim the mild bureaucrat.

That change was on display in abundant fashion during Timothy Geithner’s first trip to China as Treasury secretary.

And judging from the reaction of the Chinese, Geithner may have struck on a winning formula that will reap more benefits for the United States than Henry Paulson’s more belligerent style of operation during the Bush administration.

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Obama launches Mid-East peace mission

President Barack Obama embarks on his first Middle East mission, seeking Arab backing for his bid to revive peace moves while a US confrontation steadily builds with staunch ally Israel.

The highlight of the trip will be a much-anticipated address to the Muslim world from Cairo, but Obama will also attempt to prod moribund regional peacemaking back to life.

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