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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Lost in space

Is it just me having trouble commenting, posting, etc?

After searching for info on Akismet, there seems to be plenty of problems with it to go around. Maybe a different filter will find its way into use here… eh, Doug?

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Over the top

“Old politicians never die.

Too bad.”

Have you read about a doctor named Tillman and a news commentator by the name of O’Reilly?

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Politics or Polemics?

For weeks now I’ve been getting more and more irritated as I read news stories, comments, and blogs on CHB. So much so that my tone became a bit too derisive, I was finally excommunicated, had to plea mea culpa… and serve a little time out.

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81st Texas Legislative Session: Lawmakers Continue to Let Down Texans

“It ain’t over til the fat legislator sings”

Lawmakers Continue to Let Down Texans

While there were some small victories during this 81st Legislative Session, for the most part the people of Texas were let down again by their elected officials. It appears to be a reoccurring theme every 2 years when the legislature meets.

The reason for these poorly orchestrated and unsuccessful legislative sessions appears to be the ever-increasing power of the wealthy special interest lobbies, who continue to dominate the allegiances of Texas lawmakers.

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Dick Cheney’s verbal diarrhea

With apologies to the late Gen. Douglas MacArthur, old politicians never die. They just become thorns in the side of those elected to follow them.

Case in point: Former Vice President Dick Cheney. More than any other member of the failed administration of George W. Bush, Cheney is working overtime in a vain attempt to rewrite history in real time, sometimes twisting facts and more often lying outright.

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Obama: Cheney got his facts wrong

President Barack Obama on Monday struck back at one of his toughest critics, saying former Vice President Dick Cheney was wrong when he criticized White House plans to close the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay.

"He also happens to be wrong. Last time, immediately after his speech, I think there was a fact check on his speech that didn’t get a very good grade," Obama told NPR News.

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White House: Health care is economic problem

Fixing the economy requires overhauling the U.S. health care system, a White House report concludes — just the message the administration needs to help implement a sweeping new social welfare program during a recession.

The report by the White House Council of Economic Advisers says that health care costs — now about 18 percent of the gross domestic product — will rise to 34 percent in 30 years if left unchecked, wreaking havoc on the federal deficit, businesses and working Americans.

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Tentative deal cut for funding Iraq, Afghan wars

Top House and Senate Democrats reached a tentative agreement on an almost $100 billion war funding bill Monday, including a generous new line of credit for the International Monetary Fund.

At the core of the measure is President Barack Obama’s war funding request, which included $76 billion for Pentagon operations. But the IMF funding is a top priority of Obama, who pledged the $100 billion line of credit at April’s G-20 summit in London to help developing countries deal with the troubled global economy.

The actual U.S. costs for the IMF contribution are far less — $5 billion is the Congressional Budget Office estimate — since the U.S. government is given interest-bearing assets in return.

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A serious move towards open government?

President Obama, it seems, is more than just talking a good game about the need to cut down on the amount of excess government secrecy.

The day after he took office, Obama issued an executive order reversing a Bush administration directive encouraging agencies to err on the side of secrecy. Instead, he said, he wanted "a presumption in favor of openness."

He might have left it at that, knowing that over time the bureaucracies would revert to that protective iteration: When in doubt, stamp it secret.

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Mideast peace? What Mideast peace?

As President Obama prepares to leave for a visit to Saudi Arabia and a major speech in Cairo, he is also struggling to revive a U.S.-backed Mideast process that has effectively come to a dead end.

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