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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Poll finds college students stressed, depressed

Got stress? Oh, yeah, college students say, what with roommates, GPAs, student loans and all the rest.

But where’s the line between feeling simply stressed and being truly depressed?

Eighty-five percent of college students surveyed in an Associated Press-mtvU poll reported feeling stressed in their daily lives in recent months: Worries about grades, school work, money and relationships were the big culprits.

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Obama to sign credit card reform bill Friday

President Barack Obama was expected to sign into law on Friday a package of sweeping new limits on credit card interest rates and fees that won final approval from the U.S. Congress on Wednesday .

In a major victory for the president and congressional Democrats, the House of Representatives voted 361-64 to approve the so-called "credit cardholder bill of rights".

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