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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

America’s Health Care Crisis

Americans are Crumbling Under Excessive Health Care Premium Costs

Is it too late to help Americans? Is the damage done?

According to a report by Families USA, April 2009 it is urgent that health care must be made more affordable for all families, regardless of income.

The diagnosis from the report outlines a dismal view of the current health care system:

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Cheney’s zombies

 The fright fight of the far right: watching Dick Cheney trying to scare the living crap out of America I was reminded of the classic 1968 black and white George Romero film "Night of the Living Dead". I could visualize flesh eating radical Muslim zombies released into my own neighborhood by clever liberal ACLU lawyers.  I wondered what nightmares we’ll all be having tonight.

They’re coming.

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Check out these two new articles by Philadelphia writer Lenore Jean Daniels. I really like them because they cover a lot of ground — pulling several stories together under a common theme.

Also, I must admit that I am excited that she cites a few of my recent articles, as it is good to know that someone is reading them 🙂 Check them out, and I’ll be interested to hear what folks think.

Yes, permission IS granted to reprint these as long as is cited as the original source, so please help spread the word.

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MORE TEXAS POLITICS: Texans are given the TTC shaft by Rep. Nichols

With permission to Peter Stern to reprint by Terri Hall and TURF:

Contacts: Terri Hall, Founder/Director, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), (210) 275-0640


BETRAYAL: Nichols brokers deal with lobbyist to allow Trans Texas Corridor TTC-69 to proceed despite repeal of corridor

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The inherently destabilizing property of stability…

A few months ago I would not have been aware of the late economist, Hyman Minsky (1919-19960.) His theory, known as the “Financial Instability Hypothesis (FIH)” was not a matter of public discussion as we watched our economy go directly into the toilet and the recession grow and get more dismal.

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Bombing suspects planned ‘jihad’ in New York

Four men due in court Thursday to face charges of plotting to bomb Jewish sites and shoot down military planes were arrested after planting what they thought were explosive devices near a synagogue and community center, authorities say.

Officials told The Associated Press the arrests came after a nearly yearlong undercover operation that began in Newburgh, N.Y., about 70 miles north of New York City.

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Credit card reform: End of era for students

It’s an end of an era for the thousands of college students who rely on MasterCard or Visa to get them through tight times.

Under a new law awaiting President Barack Obama’s signature, credit card companies will be prohibited from giving cards to people under 21 unless they can prove they have the means to repay the debt or a parent or guardian co-signs for the loan.

Congress passed the bill this week, and Obama was expected to sign it into law Friday. The changes will go into effect in nine months.

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Gitmo mess leaves Obama in political box

President Barack Obama finds himself in a political box — at home and abroad — on closing the Guantanamo Bay prison, and he has prepared a major address on national security in hopes of working out of the tight spot.

Obama was taking on the explosive topic Thursday, a day after the Senate, at the behest of majority Democrats, denied his request for $80 million to close the prison. The 90-6 vote followed a similar move last week in the House and underscored widespread apprehension among Obama’s Democratic allies in Congress over the issue.

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Trial date set for Gitmo detainee

The Obama administration is pressing ahead with its plan to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center, deciding to put a "high value" detainee on trial in New York City despite resistance from some in Congress.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced early Thursday that Ahmed Ghailani will be sent to New York City for trial, which would make him the first Guantanamo detainee brought to the U.S. and the first to face trial in a civilian criminal court.

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