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Monday, July 22, 2024

Senator Dodd and Levin

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Senator Christopher Dodd
Chairman of Banking Committee

Senator Carl Levin
Chairman of Credit Card Committee

President Barack Obama
U. S. of America

A/G Mike Cox
State of Michigan

Asst. A/G Katharyn Barron
State of Michigan



All of you have been blessed by Almighty God and given the power of your office to help MASSIVE MILLIONS of his people with “ALLEGED SALE OF CREDIT CARD DEBT”.

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Credit Cards devastate Americans.

Byron Dorgan (Dem. – North Dakota) was on C-Span this morning to discuss the elements of the Senate’s upcoming Credit Card Bill. I’m not sure what he thinks he can accomplish, but at the very least, he is making us aware that the CC companies are big players in the screwing of the American Economy.

Some points:

– The average credit card debt for American households is $10,000.00.

– 80,000 new credit cards were solicited last year, many to students and people
without ongoing employment security.

– People who have ALWAYS paid their credit card debt 100% on-time are now seeing

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Banks look for new ways to screw customers

As Congress gets ready to crack down on banks for raising fees and increasing interest rates on credit cards, the banks will look for new ways to extract money from cash-strapped consumers.

So they are looking to screw over their best customers.

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Governing is tougher than campaigning

Once again the president is finding out how tough it is to back up the promises made during the campaign, including his often-avowed intention of disclosing Bush-era mistreatment of prisoners, when the responsibility for doing that falls directly on him. He had decided to make public the photographs of harsh dealings with prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to change his mind after hearing from military leaders.

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Time to be honest about torture

Readers who e-mail me about torture sometimes submit these two seemingly contradictory propositions: (1) Water boarding isn’t torture; and (2) without water boarding, the United States would have suffered a second visitation of 9/11.

I wonder if there’s a way of eradicating the first proposition altogether. I’m guessing that most people who argue that waterboarding isn’t torture have never experienced it. Rather than undertaking the experiment myself, I’d prefer to rely on my imagination, which tells me that waterboarding is a horrifying ordeal.

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Morality, torture and the law

Barbarism and the law collide in war. Armed conflict is inherently terribly destructive. The law is a vital tool for mitigating the most brutal aspects of war. Both dimensions are present in the intensely politicized debate in Washington about torture.

Anti-war Democrats have pressed for release of classified information. Republican counterattacks include accusations that Democrats were fully briefed on use of waterboarding on prisoners during the Bush administration. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denies this.

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Credit card bill comes due in Senate

A bill to curb sharp practices in the credit card business was on track for approval by the U.S. Senate as early as Tuesday, with President Barack Obama expected to sign it into law before the end of the month.

Enactment of the legislation would mark the crest of a political backlash rising for years against the card industry amid sudden interest rate increases, hidden fees and aggressive marketing programs that have angered consumers, analysts said.

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