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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Senator Specter – the key to our future

Specter has changed the political map by becoming a Democrat. It’s a new chapter in the political system and in the many twists and turns of his life. He has had so many roles that most of us in Philadelphia have at least one point in our life cheered him and at another point criticized him. Many appreciated him during the Gonzales hearings, but not so his Single Bullet Theory. Many more would appreciate Specter but for the albatross of the JFK assassination around his neck.

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Has journalism disappeared or is it just hiding?

A  very smart friend of mine, Rick McNair, who calls President Obama "WOW" for "walks on water", writes on his blog  that he’d give him a grade of “C” so far.  He laments a "fawning PR blitz by a media that leaves me wondering where and when journalism disappeared? Thankfully, Fox news, Rush and the internet are around to tell the other side of the story from their own biased perspective."
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GOP Leaders Try to Polish Party’s Image

A group of prominent GOP leaders yesterday launched an effort to improve their party’s sagging image, hosting an event at which they did not directly attack President Obama, rarely used the word “Republican” and engaged in a healthy dose of self-criticism.

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