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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The “banana republic” talking point

[Updated May 1, 2009]

In response to the Obama Administration’s ever-so-slight and subtle hint that maybe, just maybe, some Bush Administration officials might face investigation and prosecution if they broke the law in authorizing torture, a neoconservative Republican talking point has emerged.

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President Obama Delivers Remarks on Chrysler, Auto Industry

SPEAKER: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA [*] OBAMA: One month ago, I spoke about some of the problems that have led to the crisis in the auto industry and about what would be required to ensure that General Motors and Chrysler emerge from their current troubles stronger and more competitive. My team wi…

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Biden to family: Stay off planes, trains

Vice President Joe Biden says he’s advising his own family to stay off commercial airlines and even subways because of the new swine flu.

Biden said Thursday if one person sneezes on a confined aircraft, "it goes all the way through the aircraft." Going beyond official advice from the federal government, Biden said of his family’s personal precautions: "That’s me."

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