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Friday, June 21, 2024

Well this is a first

Well it finally happened…Griff gets caught in the spam filter. A necessary evil, I know, but I’ve been able to avoid its spidery grasp so far. But jeez, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime! I haven’t been allowed to post so much as a puny sarcasm in nearly 24 hours!

And the front page is rife with material that just cries out for some serious ridicule. Oh well, the chains may be lifted soon, but I hope this blog will allow me to post what I need to. Thankfully, I’ve adopted the practice of writing lengthier comments to a text file and copy/pasting in case of such an event.

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Obama: Time to clear away the wreckage

President Barack Obama told Americans on Wednesday his administration was working to "clear away the wreckage" of recession as he assessed his first 100 days in office and promised to keep up the whirlwind pace.

"We are off to a good start. But it is just a start … I am pleased with our progress, but I am not satisfied," Obama said in an opening statement delivered at a televised White House news conference.

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