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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Is anyone else having trouble posting?

I have only sporadically been able to post on articles and blogs on the front page, and have written several times to Doug Thompson, without any response at all.

Also, a post that I know I made, and which was responded to, is not there any more, and I cannot repost because I keep getting a service not available message.

Woody188 posted the following statement:

“We . . . are creating low level mini-nukes in violation of the non-proliferation treaty . . ..”

I would like to see some credible support for this statement but I cannot post to the blog site to ask.

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New Democrats show independent streak

Freshman Rep. Bobby Bright won his seat in Congress by convincing conservative southeast Alabama voters that he wasn’t a typical Democrat. Barely a week into his Washington career, he showed that he meant it.

On a vote that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saw as a slam dunk for kicking off the new Congress, Bright opposed a bill named after an Alabama tire-factory worker that would ease restrictions for women challenging pay discrimination. A few days later, Bright voted against another Democratic rallying point, expanding health insurance for children of the working poor.

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Republicans flunk another election test

Republican hopes of an early electoral resurgence against President Barack Obama took a blow Friday when the party’s candidate in a tight New York congressional race conceded defeat.

Jim Tedisco, a veteran state-level politician, abandoned his challenge against Democratic opponent Scott Murphy, who is now set to fill the empty congressional seat in Washington.

"Tedisco ran a tough but an ultimately unsuccessful race," Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said in a statement.

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Pentagon to Release Prisoner Abuse Photos

The Pentagon, in response to a lawsuit, will end a Bush administration legal battle and release “hundreds” of photos showing abuse or alleged abuse of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan by U.S. personnel, according to defense officials and civil liberties advocates.

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Democrats May Ease Bill’s Emissions Rules

Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are negotiating among themselves on whether to scale back legislation that would impose a mandatory limit on greenhouse gases, with some conservatives and moderates calling for electric utilities to be given free pollution allowances and for more…

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Democrats Back Shortcut on Budget

Congressional Democrats have reached a tentative agreement to authorize use of a legislative shortcut to push President Obama’s sweeping health and education initiatives through the Senate without Republican votes.

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