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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Obama says Iraq entering critical phase

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama pushed Iraq’s feuding factions to compromise on Tuesday, sounding a note of impatience as he said Iraqis should take responsibility for their country so U.S. troops could leave.

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Get behind HR 1866

Recently I’ve noticed quite a few columns, blogs and comments concerning the failed “war on drugs” and the idea of decriminalizing at least some currently illegal drugs.

To me, the general consensus seems to be that at the very least, hemp and marijuana should be decriminalized, if not outright legalized. At least among those that bothered to comment on it.

I won’t get into the marijuana issue in this blog, but I would welcome the discussion. I want to talk about hemp.

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Judge Orders Probe of Attorneys in Stevens Case

A federal judge focused scrutiny yesterday on a small Justice Department unit assigned to root out corruption when he dismissed the conviction of former senator Ted Stevens and appointed an outside lawyer to investigate allegations of misconduct by prosecutors.

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Obama Cautions Iraqis on Future

BAGHDAD, April 7 — President Obama declared Tuesday that Iraqis “must take responsibility for their country” and predicted that the next 18 months will be trying as U.S. troops start to leave a country stymied by security threats and political problems.

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