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Saturday, June 15, 2024

The “Mumia Exception” Continues, Courtesy of the US Supreme Court

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Today, the US Supreme Court rejected Mumia Abu-Jamal’s appeal for a new guilt-phase trial. The Supreme Court has not yet decided whether to consider the Philadelphia DA’s separate appeal, which is attempting to execute Abu-Jamal WITHOUT a new sentencing hearing.

In response to today’s rejection, Abu-Jamal’s lead attorney Robert R. Bryan will be filing a “petition for re-hearing” at the US Supreme Court.

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U.S. lawmaker plans law to curtail risky mortgages

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (Reuters) – A powerful U.S. lawmaker said on Monday he is preparing a broad package of legislation that would promote stability in the mortgage market by limiting future subprime lending, and would also take on executive compensation and limit systemic risk.

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A prescription

America needs some drug therapy. There, I said another of those unspeakable truths. I am not talking about more prescription drugs, we take way too many of them already thanks to the endless promotion of them by big pharma and the doctors who see them as an easy way to placate their patients. No, I am speaking of the kind of drugs that might get us away from our addictions to power, money, sex and most of all ambition. Yes, those drugs.

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