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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Microsoft’s unprofessional and defective VISTA platform

Time to hold Microsoft Accountable

Office of the Texas Attorney General follows-up on my formal complaint to State Senator Juan Hinojosa against Microsoft for ripping-off Texans with their unprofessional, defective and incompatible VISTA software. Letter of complaint posted below AG’s response. Other states should follow and hold Microsoft accountable.

Dear Mr. Stern:

Thank you for contacting the Office of the Attorney General.

Your letter has been forwarded to the Consumer Protection Division
(CPD) for review. CPD monitors business practices and determines

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Amid protests, Obama preaches ‘we are the world’

The last time Obama went to Europe, large cheering crowds greeted him. This time, protestors took the streets of London as a beleaguered President faces skepticism on the world stage and global doubts about his ability to fix the economic problems that face America and the rest of the planet.

But Obama’s theme appears to be "we are the world" and is spinning the hell out of a message that his plan will work and the rest of the world needs to get behind him and the United States.

It’s ambitious, audacious and typically Obama: Optimism in the face of bleak reality and upbeat rhetoric in a time that demands action.

Will it work? Stay tuned.

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No forensic match in Blackwater massacre of Iraqis

Forensic experts for the FBI cannot match .30-cal. bullets from machine guns used by Blackwater Worldwide mercenaries to the rounds that killed 17 Iraqi civilians in a 2007 attack that inflamed worldwide opinion and led to the company’s ouster as a private security firm for the U.S. government.

While the findings do not specifically clear Blackwater’s hired guns it does raise a possibility that insurgents may have also fired into the intersection.

But while doubts could be raised in this case, Blackwater has been accused of other atrocities while operating as loose cannon government mercenaries in Iraq.

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Prosecutor misconduct saves Sen. Ted Stevens

Screwups by prosecutors in the corruption trial against former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens (left) will result in a dropping of all charges against the convicted politician.

Apparently, the lawyers for Justice bungled the case so badly that Attorney Gen. Eric Holder feels the only option is to let Stevens off the hook.

The setback is the latest black eye for the Justice Department’s dismal record under the Bush administration.

Holder says the actions of prosecutors cannot be defended.

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Obama continues to have a taxing problem

What it with the Obama administration and political appointees who don’t appear to understand the tax law?

From Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on down, an astounding number of President Obama’s picks for top jobs have run into tax problems.

The latest is Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

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Back to the drawing board

Republican political strategists, assuming there are still any out there with enough gray matter to quality for the job, head back to the drawing board today after they big plans to use a New York special election to stop the Obama juggernaut fell flat on its ass.

Instead of putting a Republican back into a seat that should have been an easy win, the GOP found itself 65 votes down and headed for a recount in a district where most of the voters identify themselves as members of the party of the elephant.

Republicans thought they had a chance to use the election as a referendum on Obama’s policies. Instead it became another setback for the party where failure appears to be the only option.

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The Grand Old Party Just “Ain’t Republican” Any More

Republican? What’s that?

I’ve been a Republican since the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration — for those of you too young or without a memory, that’s since the 1950’s — and yes, I’m old!

The current party just “ain’t” the same. It’s evolved — or intelligently designed itself — into something totally different. The old GOP believed in less government intervention into state affairs and no intrusion into people’s lives.

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Republican Party buys Capitol Hill Blue

Sources within the Republican Party confirm that the Republican National Committee, aided with funds provided by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, has purchased gadfly political news web site Capitol Hill Blue and will turn the site into a propaganda arm of the GOP.

"Frankly, we just got tired of getting it up the butt from the curmudgeon who runs the site," says a source within the RNC.

Capitol Hill Blue founder and publisher Doug Thompson, reached at his mountaintop compound in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia, confirmed the sale.

"Screw it," Thompson said. "I sold out and took the money."

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