In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Saturday, September 23, 2023

The truth shall make you very ill…!

To date most folks have both heard and read many articles concerning the current financial debacle that threatens the very financial fabric of this nation and the world at large, but there’s very little solid material that will turn the average reader into a “subject matter expert” within 20 minutes of less, allowing for the time to both read and digest the material. It seems there’s bits and pieces of the story about and surely you will not hear the truth from the talking heads manning the mainstream media or our ‘concerned’ members of Congress…!

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AIG Bonuses: move the $ focus to where it belongs

Americans are furious over the AIG bonus issue, and rightly so; however, the bonuses are the least of the problems with AIG.

The bonuses account for millions of taxpayer dollars, but what about the BILLION$ that were provided in the “bail-out” package to AIG? Where is the oversight of that money? Who in AIG is being held accountable for those billions and how are those tax dollars being used to help the company turn itself around.

The same is true of the “bail-out” BILLION$ for other companies. Who is responsible and how is the money being used.

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The art of the deal: Buying votes on Capitol Hill

Rep. John Murtha celebrated his 35th anniversary as a congressman by getting an early start on his next campaign, staging an invitation-only fundraising luncheon for dozens of lobbyists and defense contractors at the private Army-Navy Country Club in Arlington, Va.

But last month’s event, with tickets starting at $1,400, was missing one longtime friend: Paul Magliocchetti, the founder of a lobbying firm that over the past two decades has been one of Murtha’s biggest sources of campaign donations.

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America’s point of no return

It may be time to face the sad fact that this nation has reached the point of no return.

Our economy is out of control, oozing ever deeper into a toxic swamp of worthless assets, bad loans, failed companies and corporate greed.

Our government is frozen by bitter, partisan bickering, led by a charismatic President who finds that translating optimistic rhetoric is all but impossible in the face of political reality.

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Advisers To Obama Wary of Bonus Tax

As the Obama administration prepared to unveil major elements of its plan to address the global financial crisis, some of its leading economic officials reacted coolly to congressional actions to recoup bonuses from financial firms through targeted taxes, with one adviser saying the approach may …

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