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Monday, May 20, 2024

Cheney is ‘evil,’ his fearmongering is ‘assisting’ al Qaeda

Obama on 60 Minutes Sunday strongly responded to Dick Cheney calling him weak of terror,,0,1341738.story
Obama fought back but Lawrence Wilkerson’s (Colin Powell’s chief of staff were even stronger. using words like evil, and making future terror attacks more likely,

Unlike Wilkerson, most peace activists claim the terror threat is exaggerated. This leaves Cheney and Rush Limbaugh with prepackaged explanations of why, if an attack occurs.

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Closing GITMO: Dick Cheney just needs to herd cattle in Wyoming

Restoring the U.S.A.

The former Vice President must feel safer now that he has returned to his beloved Wyoming homestead. He publicly has denounced President Obama’s plans to close GITMO in Cuba, saying that the U.S. will become weaker and more prone to terrorist attacks. With due respect, Cheney had his chance to to lead the U.S. to a better place, but he did NOT do so. Former President Bush and Congress did NOT do so either.

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The Wall Street Terrorists are back at it.

NOW JUST A DAMN MINUTE. We have seen how we got here: ten years of $5 billion spent on campaign donations paid out by Wall Street Banker-terrorists to key players in Congress and on lobbyists to make sure the pols do what is expected of them. These are not drive by shootings. These are not IUD’s that explode underneath HumVees. These are not even suicide bombers who send shrapnel mixed with their own blood and flesh jetting into Americans. Nope. Modern Wall Street Terrorists do not do things quite so noisily.

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Are the wheels falling off Obama’s bandwagon?

The same mainstream media that fawned over President Barack Obama during his historic run for President and the early days of his young, yet struggling administration, are now stepping back and asking serious questions about his policy decisions and actions.

Newsweek notes that Obama is seriously underestimating the depth and probably length of the current financial crisis.

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Obama talks to Iran

It will be interesting how quickly President Obama will be castigated, especially by the Neocon Nitwit Talk Radio wing of the War Party, for the sin of talking–yes, talking–to Iran.

In this brief video, Obama wishes the Iranian people a happy Nowruz, or New Year in the Iranian calendar, which starts on the Vernal Equinox (the first day of Spring).

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From The Washington Post’s Virginia Politics blog. Terry McAuliffe, a Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, released a 60-second radio ad this week in which the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee appears to claim some credit for helping get President Obama elected last …

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Obama Looks for Calm in a Firestorm

It was the kind of statement that Barack Obama is famous for — at once empathetic, stern and measured. In remarks to a group of small-business owners, the president lashed out at American International Group, said he felt the outrage of average workers and pledged to turn his anger into action.

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