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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Cheney Flat out Wrong: Bush Aministration is Responsible for the Damage to our Economy

Vice President Cheney recently asserted on CNN’s State of the Union that the Bush Misadministration should not be blamed for the current economic crisis. ISZATSO? Cheney neglects some basic facts about this economic crisis as he tries to avert responsibility for the economic wreckage we are currently experiencing. Eight years of the Bush Administration’s incompetence has left Americans poorer, America weaker, and our National Economic Security seriously damaged.

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When populism comes full circle to bite back

Here’s irony for you. The administration of President Barack Obama, the man elected on a populist agenda, is now worried that populist anger at banks and Wall Street could create a backlash against the White House’s agenda.

Populism, it appears, is a double-edged sword.

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Millions of reasons to be pissed

Just about everyone, it seems, is pissed off about the bonuses insurance giant AIG paid out after receiving government bailout money.

Everyone except the clueless honchos at AIG.

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